Modern Brass Hardware

modern satin brass hardware pulls

If you’re following me on instagram you’ll know that I’m currently working on a new furniture makeover. It’s a vintage sideboard/cabinet with sliding glass doors and 3 drawers. Check out the before photo below. The dilemma with this piece was that I really wanted to change out the old brass hardware with something more clean-lined and modern. The round brass knobs set into the glass doors had to stay, so the new pulls on the drawers had to be brass. I can’t stand the look of shiny vintage brass, so I hunted online for satin brass hardware that’s been spotted […]

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Before and After: Vintage Laminate Dresser

painted dresser before and after

Check out this latest furniture makeover. The dresser was purchased for a steal at $20 and the drawers actually slide nicely and have rails, so they stay in place. So much potential! The laminate faux wood finish was in really rough shape, with chips and dents everywhere, but with the right paint and finishing process, it can be saved.

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Weird and Wonderful Collections

bread tag collection

I’m not even sure how this weird collection started, but it happened to coincide with the beginning of my relationship with Andrew. We kept putting bread tags into a jar and almost 7 years later the jar is pretty much full. I love the colours and I also love that the larger white ones have a heart shape in the middle. What weird and wonderful things do you collect? Here’s a few weird and wonderful collections that caught my eye. I notice a lot of collections are vintage and it makes me wonder what items people will be collecting from […]

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Friday Favorites

friday favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I’m introducing a new regular feature on my blog called Friday Favorites. I’ll be sharing a small selection of products, diy projects and home decor I discovered in the past week. Here’s what I’ve spotted on Pinterest, Etsy and other sources this week. Basically, the internet is telling me to put some more color and pattern in my life. I’m obsessed with the legging company I’ve shared below, Sweet Legs have so many awesome patterns and colors, I have yet to purchase a pair, but they’re on my list of must haves! I’ve included a couple of DIY […]

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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

free printable Christmas gift tags

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I’d make your life a little easier by providing free printable Christmas gift tags. They’re the perfect little addition to gifts for friends and family. These will not only save you time, but they’ll also save you money, while making your gifts extra pretty. They’re placed on a standard 8.5″x11″ letter size sheet for easy at home printing. I suggest printing them on card stock to make them a bit thicker. Just cut along the outlines and use a one-hole punch to make holes to attach some string or ribbon.

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Becoming a Freelance Designer and Making A Home Office

home office before

This past year has been crazy, yes I literally mean crazy. That’s the only way I can sum up the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my work life. I’m about to share details that I haven’t shared with many people, I’ve just been too busy focusing on moving forward with my life to talk about what went on. It all started when I lost my agency job of almost 8 years, it didn’t end in the way I had always imagined in my head it would end. I won’t get into details, but basically I wasn’t getting paid for […]

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How to Remove Seeds from a Pomegrante

Pomegranate Seeds

The beautiful pomegranate is here and very ripe. Get them while you can, they’re so so good for you and full of amazing health benefits. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just such a pain to remove the seeds from the fruit and my kitchen gets super messy, why bother?! Well first of all, Pomegranates contain fibre, antioxidants, vitamin K and C which are all things that can help fight off cold and flu season which is fast approaching. Secondly, it’s really not as hard as you think to remove the seeds. Here’s the quick method I use to remove the […]

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Handmade Driftwood Lamp

Driftwood Lamp

Weekends are for relaxing and getting outside, we enjoy an occasional spontaneous trip to the beach to hunt for driftwood. Lately, Andrew has had a good eye for finding pieces suitable for lamps. This time he found a very organic piece that looks different from every angle. We found this one at the same beach I mentioned in my previous driftwood lamp post. The addition of a vintage Edison light bulb really makes the piece. I love a good Edison bulb. The light bulb is only 40 watt, so it gives off a nice low warm glow, perfect to add ambiance to a living […]

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Vintage Typewriter Cart at Poppytalk

vintage typewriter cart

I’m doing a little happy dance right now, because I spotted an adorable photo of my painted vintage typewiter cart all dressed up at Poppytalk’s Shop in Vancouver. It looks really awesome with a customized record player and Rifle Paper Co. gift wrap on it. Check out more photos of my typewriter cart and some DIY ideas using gift paper on Poppytalk’s blog. Photo Credit: If you’re in Vancouver, British Columbia, be sure to visit Poppytalk’s shop located at 109 East Broadway (at Main).

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Before and After: Vintage Night Stand

vintage night stand

A while back I refinished a junky white box into a modern mid century style night stand. I ended up keeping it for myself. Ever since then, Andrew has been looking for a vintage night stand to match mine. You could say he had night stand envy. Here’s the piece we were matching it with, you can read more about this before and after over here So we were on the lookout for something that had similar bones. We recently found this little guy: This piece was frumpy, especially with that hardware, super short legs and cream paint. We wanted […]

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Recipe Adventure: Vanilla Bourbon Pears

vanilla bourbon pears

Another canning recipe, because it’s the season and I got a little addicted to putting food in a jar. This one’s another boozy delight you could serve to guests around Christmas with some chocolate cake or vanilla ice cream. Vanilla Bourbon Pears Ingredients: 8-10 Bosc Pears, firm yet ripe 2 cups brown sugar Vanilla extract Bourbon Lemon juice Water Supplies: 1 waterbath canner pot with rack Canning tongs Magnetic lid lifter (we didn’t bother with this) Canning Jars Large spoon or ladle 1 large pot 1 large bowl Makes about 4  1 Litre Canning Jars It depends on how tightly you pack […]

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