52 Things I Love About You

Downloadable template for 52 Things I love About You gift.

This is the perfect gift for any person in your life. 52 Things I Love About You was made for my boyfriend. It’s an ideal gift for Valentine’s, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Wedding, or just because…

Item’s you’ll need:
Playing Cards
Binder Rings
One Hole Punch

Downloadable template for 52 Things I love About You gift.

I created a template using Adobe Illustrator, but you can do this using Microsoft Word. I’ve provided a downloadable template file below to make your life easier!

I printed my 52 things on card stock and cut out each square by hand. I then glued each square to the playing cards using a thin layer of basic Mod-Podge, but you could also use rubber cement for a faster drying time.

Once the cards were dry I took one card (the Joker or an extra card you don’t plan on including in your booklet) and practiced punching some holes in it. Try your best to punch holes in the same place on each card, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, because the metal binder rings are large enough to give some flexibility to the booklet. Thread each card onto the rings in your desired order and spread the love!

Below is a link to a downloadable template file you can add text to, print out at home and cut along the lines provided. I just ask for a small payment in return. (Sorry, no refunds, all sales are final.)

What’s in the download?
MS Word file with boxes sized to fit on playing cards. Text boxes formatted with sample text.
Please note that this is a template, not a finished product.
You will need to open the file in MS Word and click the text boxes to insert your own text.

What version of Microsoft Word is the file?
The file is Microsoft Word 2011. I can not guarantee it will work with older versions of Word.

Where did I get the font?
You can download the font I used here, it’s called Mari & David

How do I download the file?
Head over to my shop page.
Make sure you are on a computer (not a phone or iPad)
Disable pop-ups in your browser. Once you’ve paid the file will automatically download and open in a web browser. You can then click the download arrow at the top of the page to save the file. If you are downloading from a work computer there’s a chance there will be a pop-up blocker, so I suggest waiting until you’re on a home computer.



    1. I found them at an asian dollar store. Diaso? Not sure if they have that where you are. Or try Staples or Office Depot? Sorry you’re having trouble finding them, I thought they were pretty common.

      1. Great idea! Michaels carries the rings! I found them both in the embroidery section and on the scrapbooking section.
        Thank you for sharing.

      2. Thank you for this adorable idea. I have been trying to purchase this product but when it is asking for my first and last name, it is passing me off to the company name. It will NOT allow me to click in the name part. So I am unable to complete my purchase.

        1. Hi Nancy, sorry you’re having troubles. Seems to be working for myself and others. Perhaps try another browser, like Chrome? If you’re still having trouble, please go to the contact page on my website and send me an email. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

    2. You can buy the rings at any office supply store (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, etc.) and they are way cheaper than what you would find at a craft store.

    3. i just found the book rings at walmart at the office/school section for $1.88 it comes with 8 of them 4 bigger ones and 4 smaller ones. good luck!!

    1. It was kind of tricky. I used a one hole punch. I took the “joker” from the pack or any extra card you want to sacrifice as a test card. I then punched the holes where I wanted. I used the punched card as a guide on all the other cards. I lined up the holes and marked it with a pen, then punched them after. They don’t have to be perfectly aligned since it’s not a tight binding, there’s a bit of flexibility. I hope this helps you!

    1. hi Amanda,
      I just used mod podge glue to apply the paper, a thin amount will work just fine. I used a computer and printer for the sayings. Check back on my blog soon and i’ll update the post with more details for everyone, including the source for the font I used.

      1. Hi I’ve done this for my boyfriend for valentines day but the mod podge just isn’t working. Everytime the card bends the paper comes flying off. Any ideas on something else I could try?

        1. I used the Stampinup glue sticks. They hold wonderfully on everything. I sell them if you need some. They come in packs of two for 3.95 plus tax and shipping.

  1. These rings look like some I’ve seen at the hardware store in the key-making section.

    My question – it doesn’t look like you left the card-sides of the playing cards visible, yet you used the backs…how did you do that? Did you print out completely new cards, just copying the back design to them? Or did you cover the numbers/face cards sides with something else???

    I can’t wait to do this for Father’s Day!!!

    1. Hi Vivian,

      The rings are just binder rings found at stationary shops such as Staples or Office Depot:

      As for the cards, you’re actually noticing the one card that I hole punched on the opposite side (by mistake), but in the end I liked having the layout a little more random. I used the playing cards as is and tried my best to glue the cut out “sayings” onto the backs of the cards, but using a single hole punch to do 52 cards, you’re bound to punch 1 or 2 in the wrong place 🙂

      Good luck!

  2. What were the dimensions of each individual square of paper that you cut out? I have inDesign and could make it easily, but do you by any chance remember what the dimensions were?

    1. it really depends on the pack of cards you get. I’d just suggest measuring it yourself and seeing what you like best. I decided to make mine work with the layout of the design on the back of the card.

  3. Going to adapt this idea into a Father’s Day gift. Making each one of the family members minus the Dad/Father Unit come up with 13 things they love or makes their Dad/ Father(for me) great. Love the idea. I am going to laminate the cards though for a twist on this great idea. That way its a real keeper!

  4. Did anyone have luck with the labels Instead of cutting out the paper And gluing It onto the card? I feel as if I would make more mistakes with cutting and the labels is easier. Just curious before I go and buy everything :] thanks! Awesome idea!!!!!

  5. Hi! What a splendid idea! I came across this on Pinterest. I was wondering, how long did it take you to do the project? And about how much did it cost?

    1. I just did it myself. Took about 1 hour once I thought of all the things I wanted to say. And I’m out $1. I just got a deck of cards from the dollar store and I used sting from around the house instead of rings and I just wrote right on the card.

  6. Thanks so much for this awesome idea! My boyfriend and I both play poker, so this is the perfect gift! Maybe instead of 52 things I love about him, I could use our favorite quotes, jokes and song lyrics. Have to think about it, but thanks a lot for the inspiration!!

  7. love this idea!! I am going to do this for my hubby who is deployed.. he will be there for our 4th wedding anniversary!! Thank you for the wonderful and creative idea!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Heather, but i can’t take credit for the main idea, i just adapted it and made it my own. I did find variations online but felt like it wasn’t my style.

  8. I set up my 3-hole punch (punches are adjustable and slide) to get a consistent punch. It kept the sides of the card “square” and there wasn’t any guess-and-check with a template.

    Very neat idea!

  9. Hi , Just wondering if you could tell me the size of the square that you measured .. as well as where you got the rings for the cards as well ? Thanks !

  10. Going to buy products today.wonderful idea and not to pricey.you are wonderful. Keep new ideas coming.happy in Darboy Wi.clementine

  11. I just made these for my husband for our 15th wedding anniversary. Coming up with the 52 reasons was really easy! I was surprised because it seemed like such a daunting number LOL I did mine a little different in that i printed it on card stock and then I got some really cute scrapbook paper (as manly as I could find) and glued the reason to it and then both pieces to the card. It was a great cheap little thing to do that meant more than any store bought gift I could give, plus we weren’t buying each other anything this year so it was good 🙂 I also made sure I bought the “anniversary” edition of the bicycle cards haha.

  12. I have a question using Adobe Illustrator.. I am trying to make the template with the exact mesurements of the square.. BUT it’s only letting me one square to each piece of cardstock.. how do I get more than one exact measurement on each template!? Any advice would help.. I am very new to adobe illustrator and I am using the trial version!

    Thank you!!

  13. I came across your project on Pinterest, I love the idea! I’m going to do something similar this year for my anniversary – thanks for sharing!

  14. My Mother and I have been playing cards for years and her birthday is coming up soon — this is a FANTASTIC idea and completely perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this idea!

  15. Just made this for my boyfriend’s birthday. It was a lot of work but it will be worth it once I give it to him and see his reaction. Thanks for the idea!

  16. if you cant come up with 52 sayings for the person you love, maybe this isnt the craft for you, not being mean at all…

    1. I’ve been with my bf for three years. We’ve had many ups and downs, and I’m working on my 52 things. I guess it’s easier for some than others.

  17. Too good for that special person in your life…could be any one….Love the idea…simply great and I am going to try this one…Thx 🙂

  18. Making this for my best friend’s birthday! Thank you so much for this idea! So many uses and people to apply it to! What inspiration for other presents!!

  19. I made this for my hubby for our 10 year anniversary and included pictures of us from our whole relationship. Thanks for this idea!

  20. I just saw this and started making it for my boyfriend for our anniversary. It’s amazing how easy it is to think of all the wonderful things about him. He’s going to love it. Thank you so much.

  21. hello! i love this so much. did you use regular printer paper for the center of the card or like a card stock? also, is there a way i can do this on photoshop instead of illustrator?

  22. I am in the process of making this for my boyfriend for Christmas. It was hard to stop at 52 reasons! As an added personal touch, I got circle baseball themed cards at Michael’s for $1. Baseball is a huge love of ours so I feel like I am adding another layer for him 🙂

  23. Anniversary present, its just perfect for us. Before we were dating, we were neighbors and we’d all get together and play poker. I think I’m gonna work on poker and a picnick. 52 reasons why I love him will be easy to do. I ordered sticky photo paper a while back, and its precut into ovals. I plan on printing a picture of us, or relating to why i love him, and have the words in a contrasting color.

  24. i just made this for my first anniversary…only they’re “52 things that make us rock”. the binder rings are difficult to get hold off in india but my dad is trying to get me a pair…he thinks this is a prototype for a college project.. 😛

    thanks for the idea though…my cards are plastic and smaller in size but i got prints straight on gum sheets so i just had to cut and stick the chits on…will try to upload a photo when they are all done.. THANK YOU! 😀

  25. I just made this today for my husband. I am gonna give it to him for our anniversary in October. Yeah I made it kinda early, but that was incase I messed up and had to do something different. Thanks for the wonderful idea. It came out beautiful.

      1. Thanks for the advice. Another question, since im not printing, what would you suggest I use to write out the words? I don’t want the mod-podge to smudge. Ive actually never used it before!

    1. You can use a label template for Word – Avery has them for every size label they make. Find a label size that fits your cards. The template for that label will give you the right spacing and you can print it on anything. You just have to cut everything out once you’re done.

  26. I bought my supplies to start this project for my fiance’s birthday 🙂 Did you leave the cards in the order they come, or shuffle them randomly? I was debating both.

  27. Love this idea! My husbands birthday is this weekend and I’m going to make him 52 coupons to use over the next year! Some of them will be sexy but some not….I will let you know how they turn out….I’m going to be printing them on labels and then just sticking them on the cards….

  28. I love this idea. I’m going to adapt it just a little for my 3 year old grandson. He loves looking at photo albums so I’m going to make him his own using this idea. It will be easier on his little hands and a lot sturdier too. Thanks for the idea!

  29. i loved the idea so much im going to do it and give it to him on the morning of our wedding day… just so he knows how much i love him and to maybe help with the cold feet 🙂

  30. It’s a cute idea how did you do the last one?? Did you just flip the card over and have the back out and the rest have the back on top?

    1. Hi Katrina,

      Yes I just flipped the card over to have the red design facing out, like a back cover.
      You could always make a front and back cover out of card stock, but I like using just the cards.

  31. Really? you love your boyfriend because he doesn’t MIND doing the dishes, and he puts up with you? Sheesh… What a lucky lil girl you are.

  32. My husband has cancer. I am going to do this fotr our last 29 years. I am going to include family pictures vacation pictures, grandkids etc. maybe even some favorite meals for each of the kids. Like a memory book.

  33. I was wondering if anyone has the template that they used and would like to share…. or step by step directions in how to make a template… 🙂

    Any thoughts or advice would be much appriciated.. THANKS!

  34. My husband got some of these from his ex-girlfriend when they were dating. He didn’t like it and it actually weirded him out. She was crazy ayway. It might be sweet but be careful!

    1. haha yes Leah, I agree, I don’t recommend giving this as a gift very early on in a relationship or just while dating casually, it could come across as creepy for sure! 🙂

  35. This is such a cute idea! I’m definitely making this for my boyfriend for Christmas. Now to come up with 52 good reasons. 🙂

  36. I am making this for my hubby for Christmas. Funny but writing down 52 things was so easy but then I kept changing them it became a good exercise for me to reaffirm how much I truely do love him. He keeps everything so I am making a padded fabric cover with a button closure to make it more special. I am home bound so this (and the advent envelope) are all he will get. But I am sure with all the love poured into them it will be better than anything I could have bought him. Thank you for this idea

  37. Im sure someone has already asked this but there are SO many comments to scroll through — what size rings did you use? LOVE this idea – making it for my boyfriend for Christmas this year 🙂

  38. This is SUCH a cute idea! I usually try to cram 100 things that I love about my husband onto a Christmas card each year, but this year I think that I will just do this instead. Maybe I will even try it with 2 decks of cards so that I can do 100! Thank you so much for posting!

  39. I love this! I’m going to make them for my sons this year (12 and 10) and put in their stockings. Then they’ll have a reminder that I love them even when I’m angry.

  40. you can buy styrofoam that is sticky.. it comes in large sheets and u can cut it down to size and then write the saying witha sharpie

  41. I loved this idea! I changed it a little though instead of doing the 52 things i love about you I gave each suit a different theme. I made the hearts the things i love, the clubs were the “soundtrack of us” with song lyrics we love to belt out in the car, diamonds were “shining memories” of our time together. spades were a little tougher to come up with so i ended up doing david spade quotes because joe dirt is one of his favorite movies. he LOVED it! was laughing and crying the whole time he read through it : ) thanks so much for the idea!

  42. I’m a little confused. How did u do the numbers because I no there’s 52cards but the numbers on the cards don’t go to 52, it only goes to ten. And there’s 4 of the same numbers. So when u turn the next card do u just read number one all over again? Do u no what I mean? Lol because i wana make this

    1. Hi Audrina,
      It’s not really that literal, there’s 52 cards in a deck, so if you use all the cards, you’ll have 52. They aren’t numbered, it’s just completely random. Good luck!

      1. i am in SA so i guess its going to be a bit more difficult for me hehe, but im still going to give it a try. where did you get blank cards from thos? or did you just stick something over it?

  43. This may be a really silly question but if you have a saying on the back of each card then if you really are going to use them to play a competitive card game, won’t you be able to remember what the cards are from the sayings?

  44. I just Made one and it turned out great!..I’m pretty sure this will top all of the store bought gifts I got him for Christmas!..What I did as far as a template was cut out the size of the square I needed held it up to the screen and made a text box on word for that size. After that I copied and pasted the box 12 times on the page. I only need 5 pages of that. template. It was really simple!

  45. I would love to this for Valentine’s day for my boyfriend, but I’m not 100% sure on what type of glue to use. I don’t want to use anything wet because I don’t want it to warp the cards and I also don’t want to use labels. Would you mind telling me the best thing to use?

  46. Could you tell me what 81/2 x 11 is in relation to the labels. The one that came up on ebay and google was in inches which cannot be right! I’m trying to find the labels in uk. I want to make this gorgeous idea for my hubby’s 60th birthday and my daughters graduation. I can’ wait to get started 🙂

  47. For the hole punches, you can take the cards to your local FedEx Office (previously FedEx Kinkos) and they can drill the whole stack for less than $5. Also, if you wanted the prints made professionally you can bring the file of the text on a flash drive and have them printed there as well. They will also cut the text pieces down to the proper size for you.

  48. Heyy!
    I love this idea!!
    Do you have to use mod podge or rubber cement? I have a deck or cards and just gonna write the 52 reasons out but don’t have that type of glue stuff. Is that really the best way or can I use something else?

  49. I Love this idea! I am soooo NOT a crafty person! I am going to attempt this project for my husband this yr for valentines day! Thank you!

    1. Hi Leah,
      I used a one hole punch. I took one card, punched the holes where I wanted them, then took a pen and roughly marked the next card, using the previously punched holes as a guide. Eventually I realized you don’t have to be super precise, once the cards hand on the ring, they shift around a lot so they are never even. The imperfections in this project are what give it character and make it meaningful. Good luck!

  50. This is awesome! Gonna try this for Valentine’s day for my fiance but I’m gonna try printing pictures of us on card stock and put them over top the cards on one side so u don’t see the cards

  51. Is there any way to create this template using Microsoft? I don’t have adobe illustrator but I really want to use this idea and have it look put together well. Also, do you know the measurements of the template? Any recommendations?


  52. Such a great idea! Made it for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved it! I found everything I needed at Target–cards, rings, and Elmer’s rubber cement. Only took me about two hours all together!

  53. Currently making this!! It’s coming out great! I just have to figure out how to fit the paper with the words to the proper size.. I am trying to use Microsoft Word and just custom size it and set the margins properly. And suggestions?

    1. Hi Shannon,
      I know this will sound like a lot more work, but you could always cut paper to fit the cards and then hand write everything, it’s much more personal that way 🙂 Some people have also just written directly on the cards with no added paper or glue.

  54. Thanks for the idea! I came across your post on Pinterest. My partner loved the gift.

    I found the rings at Ace Hardware (in key and keychain section) and hand wrote the ‘reasons’ on paper, after cutting them to size using a papercutter.


  55. I just finished this for my boyfriend. I figured out the dimension of the square on the center of the card, then went into excel and modified the cell sizes. I like working in Word better so I copy and pasted the custom table. It worked perfectly 🙂

  56. For those of us that are challenged when it comes to writing, here are four sites that have lists to help us ….

    365 Things I Love About You, By: ~Hazel-Almonds – http://hazel-almonds.deviantart.com/art/365-Things-I-Love-About-You-162213659

    366 Reasons I Love My Husband, By: Bookish Penguin – http://bookishpenguin.com/366-reasons-i-love-my-husband/

    100 Reasons Why I Love You, By Sandy – http://www.inspiration4everyone.com/chris_sandy/sandy_pages/100_reasons_why_i_love_you.html

    52 Things I Love About You’ Ideas & Tips – http://niftymom.com/2011/11/52-love-you-ideas-tips/

    Just Google “52 things i love about you list” for more!


    1. Hi Tom,

      I had never seen the original source and in no way took credit for coming up with the idea myself, as I was just looking on pinterest for a valentines craft idea and then thought i’d blog about it. I’ve posted a link at the bottom of my blog post, thanks for making me aware of the original source.

  57. I just made this – I used regular printer paper & it looks great. Thank you for the idea – my husband is going to love it for our anniversary!

    Tips: you can make a table in MS Word & specify the cell width and height. I needed 1.25″W x 2.25″H for mine…so I just set the table & typed in all of the words. If you change the “borders and shading” on that table to a light gray, that helps with cutting & doesn’t really show if you weren’t perfectly accurate. A glue stick did the job to attach the paper to the cards. Staples sells the binder rings – they’re called “loose-leaf rings.”

  58. Hi I really love this idea and I wanna make it for my boyfriends birthday. I was just wondering if the first card in the deck a separate card from another deck of cards? also how did you get the writing on the papers because I saw the link for the font you used but when I write something in the box as a preview I cant copy paste it or I cant use it somewhere else so I did not know how to get it on the squared paper

    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Patricia,

      I have chosen not to share my list of sayings, they’re too personal and specific. Just try and use your imagination…make it personal, think about that person you love. Mostly, have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously.

  59. I made this for my husband on our first year wedding anniversary. I hand wrote the 52 things for a more personal touch. The gift was a big hit!!

    1. Hi Kristi, the measurements will be different depending on what playing cards you use. Just get a pack of cards and measure the area you want to fill with a card, draw a box that size in powerpoint, word, illustrator, type within that, print, cut and glue on to your card. Good luck! The rings can be any size, I think mine were 1″ rings, but I just grabbed whatever I could find at the dollar store. You could use string too.

  60. This is such an awesome idea. I am making this for my boyfriend’s birthday and
    I can’t wait until he reads them. The materials were easy to find…and I have enjoyed coming up with the 52 reasons. It really makes you think about your relationship and love for your significant other. Thanks so much!

  61. Love this idea! I thnk I’m going to splurge and buy four decks of cards so I can use only hearts! Plan to give this for Valentine’s Day, but if I don’t get it done our Anniversary would be appropriate also!

  62. Hi! Such a cute idea! Quick question: I downloaded the template from Google Docs, but when I open it in Pages I can’t manipulate the template. It’s acting as if the download is a screen grab that has been pasted in Pages. Does that make sense? Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

  63. If we don’t want to download the adobe thing and we use Microsoft Word, will just plain printer paper work or can we still use stock? Could we hand write it?

    1. Yes, it’s a creative project. You can do whatever you want! The template is there to help those that don’t have much time and don’t want to hand write all 52 things. Have fun!

      1. I just decided to hand write it but thank you! It came out pretty cute tbh. I’m nervous about what my boyfriend will think! Let’s hope all good things!

    1. Hi Chloe

      The pattern behind the text is actually the playing cards I used. I glued the 52 things on top of the patterned playing cards. Standard playing cards have patterns on the back side.

  64. I paid for the download – thank you! I’m finding that the text isn’t lining up in the center of the rectangles when I’m typing the comments, it’s more toward the right and the rectangle on the end has the text all the way overlapping the lines? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but it’s happening with any font I try…thanks for any insight! Love this project!

    1. Hi Sara
      Unfortunately there’s not much I can do to help you. You must download the font I mentioned in my post for it to work correctly. It’s hard to make sure my version of Microsoft Word is compatible with everyone else’s computer/software, so there may be slight shifts. Sorry for the troubles.

  65. Hello!

    I’m thinking of creating something like this for my boyfriend and think this is such a cute idea. I see you have the template for Illustrator available but, do you have one that’s free that i can download to make it easier to print? Also, what font and size did you format your messages for each card? I know there’s an easier way just using rubber cement but, what do you recommend. I’d like it to stay together as much as possible rather than coming apart and I know some have had issues with mod-podge so, whatever worked or works best let me know.

    1. Hi Erin, sorry I just have the word document template for downloading with a very small fee. This post was from 2012, so I no longer have the illustrator template. The font size depends on what font you use and how long your words are. I provided a font to download mentioned in my post with a link. You can use rubber cement but I find that glue shows through if you paper isn’t thick enough, so I used mod podge and once everything was glued I let it dry for a day before assembling it. Have fun and get crafty, make the project your own.

  66. Spotted this page when looking for ideas to create my boyfriend a handmade gift for Valentines- our new thing for this year and loved this.

    Bought the template design which I thought was a very generous thing to offer, will make my life easier when making them! (I hope!), and despite my reservation about buying something from a website I’d just happened upon, it was safe with Paypal etc so I am very pleased. Good for you to charge a little for such an original design!

    Beautiful idea, thank you very much!!


    1. Hi Jessica
      The font size will depend on how long your sentences are. Make sure you’re using the font I linked in the post. Just make the font smaller to fit it all in. Or edit your wording to make it fit. Most of all, don’t overthink it. Have fun!

  68. Hello! Ok.. so I have my deck of cards (red Bicycle, just like yours), Elmer’s CraftBond glue, book rings and 150 sheets of card stock. I just purchased your template and at first it wasn’t loading right (words everywhere) then I remembered you used a special font. I downloaded the font and now your template opens in the correct format.
    Question is.. in your demo pictures, your ‘front page’ of the booklet is on a red and white card but the colors are reversed from the rest of the deck. I flipped through my entire deck and I do not have a card with a reversed color theme. I like that the front/first page/card is reversed.. so I’m wondering where you got yours? And where I can get my hands on one for my booklet? Many thanks! I’m starting on my project tonight and hopefully I’ll have it done in a week lol!

    1. Hi Kai
      Thanks for downloading the template. The pack of cards had a red version in the deck, it’s just Bicycle brand, I got them back in 2012 when this blog post was created, so I’m sure the design might be different now. If you’re referring to the red box with text on it, that was my custom design, I didn’t include that in my template to save ink for people’s home printers and because it’s my own version. You could just cut card to size, colour it red with a felt pen and hand write a message over top. Just have fun with it and add your ow personal style to the project.

  69. I know this is an old posts, but thanks so much for the great idea! Just The day for making this for my husband. I made my own template on Microsoft Word and just put in the size that I wanted for the boxes and chose my font. I went to step further and laminated the cards, and used ribbon to tie the ends…A very time-consuming project, but very worth it

    1. Hi Jackson,
      You will have to download the font and install it into your font program on your computer and then you will be able to select it in MS Word. If you can’t figure that out there are likely tutorials for font installation on youtube for PC or Mac. Otherwise you can use any font that’s already on your computer. Most of all, have fun and be creative!

  70. I just paid for the download, and it came up briefly on my computer. When I clicked on the file to try to customize it, it disappeared. Do you think it is still somewhere on my PC, or because I didn’t save it, is it gone? I wanted to try to put this together for my husband for Father’s Day. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Hi Meili

      I just sent you an email with the file to download. When it came up on your screen you should have downloaded it to your computer in order to customize it, plus download the typeface I mentioned in my post so it will look proper, then it should be fine. Have fun!

  71. Hey, on your front cover the card has a different pattern to the others? Where did this come from? I have a standard pack of bicycle cards

    1. Hi Ella

      It was in the pack of cards, one of the extra cards, instructions or whatever extras they put in, the pack I worked with was new, so if yours is older you may have thrown those out over time? I can’t say for sure as each pack is slightly different.

    1. Hi Allen

      It lines up with the design of the cards, so there is a outline of a box on the card and I measured it with a ruler and figured out how big my red paper should be. I suggest you do the same. Good luck!

    1. Hi Isabel, I’m actually not too sure, Likely 1″ or 2″ I know the one’s I used were probably too large, you can measure the height of your stack of cards when it’s completed and figure out what size rings will work for you. Sorry I don’t have an exact answer. Thanks for checking out my project!

  72. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea! I grew up playing cards with my family, but my boyfriend didn’t. However, when we started dating, he was eager to learn all the different games we play. Now I think he enjoys playing cards more than I do (and it’s actually been a great way for him to bond with my family). It’s really the perfect Valentine’s gift for him. I’m so excited to give it to him later today.

    1. Hi Joy, yes I know it’s hard, but the key is to not overthink it. Many of them can be silly light hearted reasons. I also like to think it’s part of the challenge about this project, it’s an exercise in thinking about your loved one. Good luck!

  73. The worst part of this project was the hole punching. If I do it again, I might head to a print shop to have them drill the holes or use a drill press. Binding with ribbon is a cute alternative to the rings. The thick part of the rings kept getting caught on the cards, so I switched binding material.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bridgett! I agree with your comments, but at the same time it doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s a handmade gift of love, especially if you’re not wanting to spend too much money. I love the ribbon idea, it would be a nice way to add a bit of colour and personality. 🙂

  74. I’ve downloaded the template but there is no colourful border around each square, will it print or will I have to do it myself?

    1. Hi Anjali, sorry for the late reply. The colorful border is the actual playing card design, the template text is smaller and fits within that. I hope you were able to figure that out. Thanks for checking out my craft project.

  75. I downloaded the template on my pc but i cannot print from it. So i uploaded it on google docs but the format went doesn’t work. If you have any solution, i would really appreciate it! Thank you. Anziska.

    1. Hi Anziska
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution, I mention in the blog post that it isn’t compatible with google docs. You could finish the cards in MS Word and then save as a .pdf file and then take that .pdf file somewhere to get printed. Otherwise you’ll have to figure out how you can print from Microsoft Word for it to work. Also make sure to download the font I mentioned in the post. Best of luck!

    1. Hi Debbie, I’d prefer to keep them private as they were specific to my partner. I have a couple shown in the photos in the blog post that weren’t as personal. Get creative, don’t overthink it, be fun and silly about it. Everything single one doesn’t have to be the most amazing reason why you love them. Good luck!

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