Recipe Adventure: Bourbon Vanilla Soaked Cherries

Sharing another canning recipe, because I couldn’t stop canning every fruit and vegetable in sight. I found this Bourbon Vanilla Soaked Cherries recipe on the lovely Kristy’s food blog, She Eats and it was a no brainer to try it out. Her recipe is small batch canning, but I was looking to go all out, so I doubled her recipe. I love love love cherries and the idea of canning them to put on ice cream or in a cake later in the year sounds delightful! First, lets take a moment to talk about pitting cherries. It can be bit of a […]

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Recipe Adventure: Peach Chutney Preserves and Free Printable Labels

Free Printable Canning Labels

I previously blogged about my process behind canning peaches. Along with the canned peaches we also did a peach chutney. This recipe is straight forward and full of flavour. It will go great with chicken or pork or add it to your cheese plate at your next party. Peach Chutney Makes approximately 4  250mL Wide Mouth Mason jars Ingredients: 2 tsp vegetable oil 1 tbsp yellow mustard seeds 1 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp salt ½ tsp ground cloves ¼ tsp hot pepper flakes ¼ tsp pepper 1 large onion chopped 8 cups sliced and peeled peaches 2 ½ cups sugar (brown, […]

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Recipe Adventure: Canned Peaches with Printable Labels

Canned peaches recipe with printable labels

This Summer I discovered the awesomeness that is canning fruit and vegetables. It’s like making little jars of Summer to open during the grey days of Winter. I do not know how I went through life without doing this before. I seemed to always think it was super hard to do, but honestly, if I can do it, you can do it too! It just takes quite a bit of time, so make sure you’ve got a full afternoon available. Trust me, it’s worth it! The motivation to can our first batch of fruit was from a family member that […]

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Driftwood Lamp

driftwood lamp

Andrew and I have always been pretty thrifty people, making, crafting, finding free furniture, we’re always hunting for something we can fix up to resell or just keep in our home. Lately we’ve been even more on a budget, because I’ve been hunting for work the last 6 months. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to have cheap and ugly things, you just have to look at the world a little differently and be creative. The past few weeks I’ve been slowly transforming our office area into a proper work station. Since I’ve been spending a lot more […]

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Medicine Cabinet Mini Makeover

When we got our place about 2 years ago we installed 2 medicine cabinets, one was new and the other was upcycled from an old Ikea cabinet that was left in the apartment by the previous home owners. We had the renovation crew cut a whole to fit the cabinet in the wall and put the cabinet in place. A door was cut from MDF and ever since then it was left that way. I never got around to updating it and finishing it until recently. Check out the big hole in the wall during construction and the way it […]

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Poppytalk Etsy Craft Party

This past Friday I went to Poppytalk Etsy Craft Party and had a total blast! Not only was the party great, but I finally got a chance to check out Jan and Earl’s new shop located at 109 East Broadway at Main Street. It’s such a breath of fresh air with white walls, tall ceilings and an array of items for sale from local designers, makers and crafters. Check it out if you haven’t done so already! The theme for the Etsy Craft Party was embroidery on photography. Jan had purchased vintage photos from Etsy, but also recommended bringing our own. […]

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Before and After: Vintage Dresser with Découpage Pattern

The other weekend while driving out of town to visit family we hit up the local thrift stores to see if we could get any deals. Lately I’ve been finding that would local thrift shops are very picked over, so this will likely become a habit every time we visit family! We picked up this small dresser for practically nothing and this time I was looking to experiment with it. The top was heavy duty laminate, I’d never painted plastic before but was willing to give it a shot. Andrew spent a few years working at a hardware store and knew exactly […]

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DIY Leather Furniture Pull Tutorial

I recently posted a vintage cabinet before and after that included a DIY Leather Furniture Pull. I had seen a few online, but wasn’t sure how it would work out, mostly because I wanted to be as thrifty as possible. So I bet you’re wondering, why go to all the fuss to make this when you can just buy ready made hardware and be done in 2 minutes. Well, I had an issue to hide, you see when I removed the old handle from the door, a big chunk of the wood veneer came with it and it wasn’t an easy […]

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Before and After: Mid-Century Modern Cabinet

My latest find was a mid-century modern cabinet which originally came from a local art gallery, it was in rough shape with really dry wood veneer and a broken door. Not only was the door broken, but I later discovered that the entire unit was warped (including the door). Andrew ended up sanding off a small section of the door so it could close smoothly, he also had to clamp it to a flat surface to correct the warp as much as possible. Off topic – how cute is that tiny lock above the handle! The entire cabinet was primed with several coats […]

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How to make a Wine Cork Reindeer

For the past 20+ years I’ve held on to a wine cork reindeer craft I made in grade school. He gets displayed every Christmas but for the longest time I’ve wanted to make him a friend. I kept forgetting to save a few wine corks for the project but I’ve finally got enough, so I decided to share with you what you’ll need to make a wine cork reindeer. It’s a very easy craft project that’s perfect for children and adults. An alternate idea, once you’ve made your reindeer, attach a screw eye hook (the kind used for hanging pictures) […]

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Spray Painting Our Fridge

The apartment came with a really old, really large, really not energy efficient fridge, but we’re really not in the budget for a new fridge, so we decided to give the giant white elephant a little facelift. Eventually we’d really like to own a Smeg fridge (who wouldn’t…right?), but for now we decided to paint the fridge a fun colour to get used to having a pop of colour in the kitchen, until we have enough saved up to buy the dream fridge. Spray painting tips: Wash your fridge, we used T.S.P. Cover your whole house in drop sheets. In […]

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52 Things I Love About You

Downloadable template for 52 Things I love About You gift.

This is the perfect gift for any person in your life. 52 Things I Love About You was made for my boyfriend. It’s an ideal gift for Valentine’s, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Wedding, or just because… Item’s you’ll need: Playing Cards Mod-Podge Binder Rings One Hole Punch Scissors I created a template using Adobe Illustrator, but you can do this using Microsoft Word. I’ve provided a downloadable template file below to make your life easier! I printed my 52 things on card stock and cut out each square by hand. I then glued each square to the playing cards using a thin layer of basic […]

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