Front Door Hardware

Modern front door hardware by Emtek from Bradford Hardware

We’ve lived in our apartment for almost 4 years and when we moved in we said we’d change the front door hardware, but never really got around to it until now. We did a mini front door makeover by painting the door and replacing the numbers for something more modern, you can check that out here. The door really became an issue for me a few years ago when I locked myself out of our apartment because the middle lock in the photo below was set in the lock position from the inside and I wasn’t aware of it. When […]

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Why You Should Buy A Grey Sofa

grey sofa

A modern grey sofa can be the most amazing piece of furniture for your living space. Why? Because it’s neutral, hides dirt and will last you many years through many design trends. Grey sofas aren’t boring or cold, in fact they’re quite the opposite. Grey fabrics come in so many different textures and shades that can feel warm and inviting. The big benefit is that grey is the perfect backdrop for any colour and pattern. So when trends come around, you can change up your throw pillows and blankets for fun colours and patterns each season and it feels like you’re changing […]

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The Pros and Cons of Loft Living

loft apartment office

Over 3 years ago Andrew and I made the plunge to move in together and move into a loft apartment. It was all very exciting and new. It was also pretty stressful because we did a super rushed renovation before we moved in and I’ll tell you right now, never rush a renovation. The only reason we rushed ours was because of timing and we had the resources because my family works in the renovation business. Our space is 1,100 sqft with the bedroom and one of the bathrooms upstairs. The ground floor has a kitchen/living room space and a small […]

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Spring Decor Inspiration

spring 2015 decor inspiration

Here on the West Coast, Spring has definitely sprung. The cherry blossoms are out, along with the magnolias. The air feels fresh and the other day I may have worn canvas shoes without socks! The warmer weather has got me thinking about Spring cleaning and freshening up my living space. I’m a big fan of the insanely affordable canvas rugs from Urban Outfitters. I have 2 in my space, they’re so easy to maintain and come in so many awesome colours and patterns, it makes it very tempting to get a new one just because. Another great way to freshen […]

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Our Loft Apartment is Featured on Design*Sponge

loft apartment library ladder

Exciting news! Our loft apartment is featured on Design*Sponge. The last few weeks I’ve been taking photos of our place, learning very quickly that interior photography is damn hard! I shared some of my initial shots in a few blog posts, but then went back and took more photos for the feature when I realized there were things I wanted to change. Looking back at all the photos now, there’s still things I want to change, but I think that’s the beauty of a home, always changing and moving things around to suit your mood (at least that’s what happens at […]

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Weird and Wonderful Collections

bread tag collection

I’m not even sure how this weird collection started, but it happened to coincide with the beginning of my relationship with Andrew. We kept putting bread tags into a jar and almost 7 years later the jar is pretty much full. I love the colours and I also love that the larger white ones have a heart shape in the middle. What weird and wonderful things do you collect? Here’s a few weird and wonderful collections that caught my eye. I notice a lot of collections are vintage and it makes me wonder what items people will be collecting from […]

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Bed Frame Inspiration

under bed storage

Not too long ago we upgraded from my old queen size bed to a king size. It was a big change, but necessary because my mattress was old and there was a big sale so we got a really good deal. We opted to get the box spring that comes with the mattress because my old IKEA frame would be too small and it was falling apart. We then decided to just get one of those cheap metal frames that come with the mattresses because we didn’t know what else to do at the time and we had zero budget. […]

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Friday Favorites: Pastel and Pattern

friday favorites pastels and patterns

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. The week just flew by! Here’s some of the awesome things I’ve found online this week. Pastels and patterns really caught my eye and it’s getting me very excited for Spring. Like last Friday, I’ve included mostly local companies, makers and designers. Modcloth / Dahlhaus Art / i dream of chairs / Coral and Cloud / Native Shoes / Think and Ink Studio

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Loft Kitchen Update

loft kitchen renovation

I’ve posted a few photos of our loft kitchen before, but it’s been a while and thought I’d share an update, because I’m the type of person that likes to constantly move things around. We recently bought a larger stainless steel island and luckily we were able to sell the old one the same day! We upgraded to a large one, because we had the space and we really needed the extra storage underneath for our pots and pans and the extra counter space is pretty awesome. Before I get into the photos, here’s a link to a previous post, showing the […]

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Loft Bedroom Before and After

loft bedroom before and after

It occurred to me that I haven’t done any recent posts of our apartment. We’ve lived here for a couple of years now and things are finally feeling settled. After initial renovations and minor tweaks along the way, I’d say things are pretty much where we want them. There will always be things we want to update or change, but those projects will get done eventually and when our budget allows for it. Today I’m sharing the loft bedroom. I haven’t posted anything about this space because whenever I think to take a photo it’s far too dark or messy, plus […]

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Friday Favorites: Local Love

friday favorites

This week I’m sharing mostly local favorites. A local ceramics designer, a local crafts maker and jewellery designer, ice cream, beauty products, candles, alcohol and a local product that will probably change the world. Lets talk about that product that will change the world. It’s called Abeego. It’s an all natural wrap for food and containers. It’s used in the same way you’d use plastic wrap, but obviously way better for the environment. You can read more about it and watch videos on their website. I’ve got a few sheets of their product and I’m in love with it. It keeps veggies fresh […]

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