High Style, Low Price: Article Ceni Sofa in Pyrite Gray

Article Ceni Sofa

I did it! I finally purchased a sofa and not just any sofa, I bought one online from Article. If you know me, you will know this is totally out of character! I have huge fears of buying stuff online, I worry about quality, if there will be extra charges upon arrival and mostly I hate not being able to touch and feel the product before buying with the chance of having major regret when it arrives. So I bet you’re wondering what made me go a head with the purchase? Well, after spending a few years researching sofas (I even […]

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Painted Vintage Sideboard Before and After

Painted vintage sideboard before and after

I found a very small sideboard a while ago that had good bones. Made from solid plywood and even had glass sliding doors. The base was solid so the first thing I thought of was, yes! I can attach legs to this. The plan was to take this frumpy sideboard and make it modern vintage. Painted vintage furniture should only be done on plywood or veneers that can’t be salvaged. If the piece is solid wood, consider trying to refinish it or get a professional to help. I’d never ever paint teak, walnut or any solid wood. Here’s the frumpy dumpy before: […]

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DIY Terrarium Using An Old Light Fixture

DIY terrarium from an old light fixture

Last week I walked into my local Habitat For Humanity Restore, where you can find used home items such as construction materials, furniture and fixtures. I was hunting for a new furniture project when I stumbled upon some ugly brass and glass 1980’s light fixtures. I thought, wow these look like a terrarium I had seen at a speciality decor store. I decided to bring one home to attempt to transform it into a terrarium! I figured if I failed it wasn’t a big deal because it was just $3. I saw it as a chance to be creative. Here’s what the […]

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Vintage Chest of Drawers Before and After

Vintage dresser before and after

A friend found this small chest of drawers in an alley way and messaged me about it, when I saw the photos I immediately knew there was something beautiful under all the ugly contact paper it was covered in. Yes, it was covered in contact paper, you know, that sticky sheet paper people use to line shelves or drawers. Ew! The ugly faux wood pattern was making me blind, I couldn’t wait to remove it. They even went to the effort to cover the legs and cut around the handles. The most frightening part was that under all of that sticky nasty paper was real […]

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Art of Fusion with Ford Canada

Ben Tour for Ford Canada

Last night I had the opportunity to take part in a fun art and culture event hosted by Ford Canada. This well timed event took place ahead of the upcoming first annual Vancouver Mural Festival where artists have taken over Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant to paint huge murals on the walls of local businesses. Learn more about that on the Vancouver Mural Festival website. The Ford event was 3 parts, a scavenger hunt, dinner and a graffiti art workshop. The scavenger hunt had everyone in groups driving around the city in a 2017 Ford Fusion finding clues that would lead us […]

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Finding the Perfect Office Chair

The perfect office chair

You guys, the struggle is very real, I’ve been hunting for the perfect office chair forever and still haven’t found what I want, but I’m here to share my narrowed down list of a few chairs I think are awesome. Below is a photo of the current office setup, except in real life there’s a lot more papers and it’s very messy. For the last few years I’ve had knock-off Eames style chairs, but they wore horribly, I chat about that in this blog post over here. It’s gotten to the point where I actually need to find replacements, before […]

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Decorating Naturally with UncommonGoods

uncommon goods home decor

I’ve been changing up my decorating style over the last few years, removing colour and moving towards natural elements like wood and textured fabrics. Since I live in an open plan loft apartment having too much colour can feel busy, including more natural elements creates a sense of calmness. I got excited when I discovered UncommonGoods after they reached out to me to select some of my favourite items from their website. If you don’t already know, UncommonGoods is an online shop where you can find sustainable, recycled and organic products. They work with artists and small manufacturers to provide […]

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Before and After: Grey and Gold Painted Vintage Dresser


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a painted dresser makeover, but the honest truth is that I haven’t had any projects! I’d be looking for one to work on every week with no luck, sure there were lots of very expensive dressers, solid teak cabinets etc, but my focus is to bring new life to vintage plywood dressers that I don’t feel guilty painting. Plus it just feels great to make something ugly beautiful again. Here’s what I recently got my hands on, it’s a simple 6 drawer plywood and particle board dresser, nothing fancy really, but […]

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How to Fix Rusted Metal with Gold Sharpie Pens

Fixing rusted furniture with gold Sharpie pen

After spending the past couple of years fixing up old furniture I’ve come across a lot of rusted metal, it’s fairly straight forward to fix larger areas of metal with spray paint or just replace it with new hardware, but sometimes there’s smaller areas like the feet on furniture legs or accent inlays of metal that are rusted and you can’t replace them because you can’t source the parts. I’m about to show you the easiest trick to make rusted metal look new again, anyone can do it! Get yourself a metallic Sharpie pen, in this case I used gold.

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5 Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

5 Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

Do you need help figuring out how to style your coffee table? Guess what, so do I, kind of, but only because I’m having trouble finding a coffee table I love and that fits in the space. I don’t have room for a large coffee table, something longer and narrow might be nice. I’ve been looking on Charish for some ideas, it’s a great place for vintage and unique finds. We currently use a vintage filing cabinet that Andrew has owned for many years, while I love the look of it, it’s really not functional as it’s fairly small. It has enough […]

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Disconnect From Your Phone By Wearing A Watch + A JORD Wood Watch Giveaway!

JORD wood watches

When last did you check what time it was on a real watch? If you’re like me, you haven’t worn a watch since the smartphone was invented. I’ve gotten so used to pulling out my phone to check the time, but find myself getting caught up in checking my social media notifications, emails and text messages only to put my phone away realizing I’ve totally forgotten to check the time! Smartphones have become something we can’t live without. I’ll admit, If I haven’t checked my instagram in a day I feel like I’m missing something, it’s almost an addition, it also causes […]

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Vegan Cheesecake Cashew Cups


When the good weather comes out it always inspires me to try new recipes and I’ve really been into incorporating plant based recipes into our regular routine because I physically feel better eating less meat and dairy. I’ve really been inspired by the Minimalist Baker in recent months and my latest recipe love are these Vegan Cheesecake Cashew Cups. With just 7 ingredients you can have a delicious dessert! They’re so creamy and satisfying, perfect for when you’re craving a treat but they’re still somewhat healthy.

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