High Style, Low Price: Article Ceni Sofa in Pyrite Gray

I did it! I finally purchased a sofa and not just any sofa, I bought one online from Article. If you know me, you will know this is totally out of character! I have huge fears of buying stuff online, I worry about quality, if there will be extra charges upon arrival and mostly I hate not being able to touch and feel the product before buying with the chance of having major regret when it arrives.

CENI Article Sofa Review

So I bet you’re wondering what made me go a head with the purchase? Well, after spending a few years researching sofas (I even blogged about it last year), shopping around and still not finding what I wanted, it was then that I found Article, through instagram of all places.

I should mention this blog post is NOT an advertisement, I just totally enjoyed my experience and had to share with those of you that have online shopping fears just like me.Article Ceni Sofa

I fell in love with the CENI sofa but couldn’t decide what colour fabric I wanted. So I inquired to see if they’d send me fabric swatches. Their customer service was amazing, they mailed me swatches and I looked at them in different lighting for a few days. Pyrite Gray is the colour we went with, it looks a lot lighter in our apartment because we have huge windows, I’m personally very happy that it looks lighter, because I was worrying it would be too dark.

Below is a photo of the 3 swatches I was choosing from. I ruled out the Lagoon Blue because our current sofa was similar and I was so over it. The middle swatch is Volcanic Gray, it has a lot of brown in it and I was going for cooler gray tones rather than warm creamy colours. Pyrite Gray is the perfect gray.

article CENI sofa fabric swatches

To help even more with my decision, I decided to look on instagram at the hashtag #ourarticle where previous customers post their sofa photos, so I could get a feel for how they looked in “real” homes. I was immediately sold, but still very scared. I went to their website and made the purchase, the best part of all was there was absolutely no duties and extra taxes upon arrival! (I’m in Canada, when stuff comes from the US, there’s usually huge fees).

The delivery date was 1 week early, I think timing depends on what they have in stock. The delivery guy called ahead to make a drop off appointment and it arrived in perfect condition. I paid the extra $99 for them to bring it into my apartment and place it where I wanted it, totally worth it considering I was home alone when it was getting delivered. Alternatively you could get it dropped off at your front door with no additional fees and then you have to deal with moving it inside.

It arrived in a huge box, packaged so well, the wood legs were wrapped up and the whole sofa was covered in plastic. The best part, the CENI sofa doesn’t require any assembly, other than figuring out how to place the 8 cushions (it took me a minute haha).

CENI Article Sofa ReviewCENI Article Sofa Review

Overall, Andrew and I really love our Article sofa, it’s firm, the fabric is good looking and durable and the wood base is even more beautiful than I thought it would be. It’s a really good looking sofa for the price! Great value in my opinion. The Pyrite Gray fabric also goes so well with our recently reupholstered chairs that you can read about over here.

CENI Article Sofa ReviewArticle Ceni Sofa


    1. Hi Lea

      The rug is from Urban Outfitters a few years ago and the coffee table is from IKEA, it comes in a set of 2 but I sold the smaller section and kept the larger one, it’s part of the VITTSJÖ series.

  1. Hi. I’m thinking about purchasing this couch. How are the side pillows next to the armrests holding up? Do they get floppy with use? Thanks.

    1. Hi Liz, they’re holding up great! Cushions are firm yet comfortable. When I lay down on the sofa I usually have an additional throw pillow under my head, so I can’t really say how it would hold up without an additional pillow, but I’m sure it would be just a good. I hope that helps you with your decision.

  2. Hi, I’ve been thinking about this sofa for about a year now. I love sofas with hign arms. When you sit are the arm rests about 24 inches high like it says or is that from the wood frame. Silly I know but an issue for me.

    1. I’d avoid the grey fabric that I have, because it’s got a lot of texture to it, so the hair would likely be hard to wipe off. I’m not a pet owner so I can’t really say from experience. You can order fabric swatches for free to test it out!

  3. Hi, great post! I am looking at the exact sofa in the exact colour and had the same concerns as you. I am worried that the grey would be too dark and was thinking I preferred the Timber pebble grey colour but did not like the look or colour of the legs on that one. I am still concerned about the size of the sofa, do you find it to be small? Is it too tight to fit 3 people comfortably? Also, I love your Vancouver themed pillows 🙂
    Thanks in advance for your input.

    1. Hi Sarah
      I recommend getting them to send you a few fabric swatch samples if you’re concerned about colour. As for size I think it’s perfect for 3, but I rarely have 3 people sitting on it so I can’t really confirm. I’d double check the measurements and compare with existing furniture in your space. Thanks for checking out my pillow designs!

      1. There delivery is horrible after many many phone calls I finally got my sofa and in a month that I have had the sofa i can already see the cushions are not holding up there shape I’m only 165 pounds and I don’t see this lasting more then one year very disappointed i look at this buy as a $1800 lost ….

        1. Wow that’s really unfortunate to hear about your experience. I had no problem with delivery, they communicated so well and it arrived earlier than planned. What model did you buy? My CENI is holding up well. The cushions are nice and firm. The only issue I’m having is the fabric on the seats aren’t wearing that well. I sent them photos and they sent me new covers. I have to say $1000-$2000 sofas are cheap for a sofa. The more expensive ones have better fabrics and cushions, so in my honest opinion, I think it’s still a good deal based on price.

        2. Hi Jensy,

          I know that our customer service team got in touch with you earlier this week to address your concerns and are sending you a replacement sofa. Your experience definitely sounds like an anomaly – we have sold thousands of the Ceni to customers of all sizes over the last few years – which is why we were more than happy to replace it for you.

          I hope that our quick attention to your problem has restored your trust in us (and that you certainly no longer look at it as $1800 lost).

          Duncan Blair
          Director of Marketing

  4. Nicole.. after me posting this they did contact me and offered to exchange my sofa before me purchasing this sofa i had sofa’s for ten years and they where for less money so maybe I just got a bad set… and they are ceni like yours I’m just sharing my experience..

  5. Hi! I absolutely LOVE this couch online but haven’t had the guts to purchase it yet. It is the design and color that I adore. I am worried that after 2-3 years, the fabric wear tear. How tough is the fabric and is it scratchy or soft? I asked for samples of fabric and am awaiting a response. Also, do you have kids? I would like a couch that can withstand kids (haha). Thank you for this blog. It has been extremely helpful! Who knows, I may buy this couch after all 🙂

    1. Hi Katelynn,

      Thanks for reading! Glad I could help! I don’t have kids so I can’t let you know how it would hold up with them, I also don’t have pets so I can’t even compare with that. I had some issues with the first set of seat cushions wearing badly (fabric went fuzzy), but their customer service was amazing and sent me a new set of cushion covers almost immediately and that seemed to solve the problem. The fabric is soft with texture, not scratchy, the cushions are firm yet comfortable. For me the purchase was about the fact that it’s stylish sofa (I love the legs) and the price was right for my budget. I couldn’t find any other brands that had that combination that would ship to Canada. Hope that helps!

  6. Hi! Me again 🙂 Can you tell me if this sofa is really low to the ground? I did the measurements and it seems really low. When you sick down, does your knees bend at a 90 degree angle or less? I know… weird question.


    1. Not a weird question at all, but it could be tricky for me to answer. I’m 5’6″ and I have pretty short legs, I sit comfortably on it with my knees at 90 degrees. It is a bit of a lower sofa though, I find it very comfy and relaxing, not hard to get up out of because the cushions are nice and firm.

  7. hi nicole! i stumbled on your blog via pinterest and am loving reading through all your diy posts. my husband & i have been eyeing the article sven sofa for 6 months now, and your post has me now sold. thank Y O U !

    1. Hi Amy

      Thanks so much for finding my blog and reading through all the posts! I’m glad I could help a make a purchase decision, online shopping is scary, but sometimes totally worth it!

    2. Don’t waste your time and money if your planning to not sitting on them you’re okay but if you’re going to make it as your main sofa look elsewhere they don’t hold up … I just dnt know how people here Miss guiding others….

      1. Hi Jensy,
        I’ve had my sofa since October and it’s still great. Although I don’t have children or pets, but my boyfriend and I sit on it regularly. I think it’s a good price for the style and that’s mostly what I was looking for.

        1. I’ve had mine since January of this year and got it replaced a month after so yeah.. im just saying there not made to last everyday use …..

  8. Can you tell me if this sofa had an odour? I’m extremely concerned about off-gassing, since I have environmental allergies.

  9. Hi Nicole,

    I’ve been looking at this sofa online for two weeks. In terms of the look, this sofa is exactly what I’m looking for. But I am worried about the comfort level. I find that a lot of modern sofas are very firm, almost like sitting on bricks. How firm is the Ceni? I know it’s not a “sink-in” type of sofa, but is it somewhat soft? Does it soften up after some time? Thanks!

    1. Hi Betsy
      Thanks for reading! I’d say it’s semi-firm, definitely not a brick (I know what you mean, I’ve shopped around) and also not a sinking in type of sofa. I find it comfy to lay down on with a couple of throw pillows but firm enough to give good back support when sitting. I was looking for a firmer sofa for fear of it being too soft in a couple of years and losing it’s shape. It hasn’t gotten any softer since I’ve had it. Article has a good return policy, I recommend taking the plunge, you can always get them to take it back if you find it too hard, because everyone’s idea of firmness is different.

  10. Hi Nicole, I so appreciate this wonderful post, because I’m looking at this exact couch and vacillating about whether it’s right for us. You’ve been so helpful already. Just one wee question for you: I’ve read (apartment therapy did a review) that it’s not especially comfortable due to firmness and due to how upright/vertical the back is. Have you found it to be too upright? Do you feel cozy watching a movie on it? I don’t want it to be so straight up and down that I’m uncomfortable when “chilling out and maxing all cool” (throwback to Fresh Prince). We would use it for snuggling on and watching tv 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Meghan, thanks for reading. Yes the Ceni is firm and upright, but it’s still comfy. I was looking for something firmer so that over time it would soften up as most sofas do. I’ve had the sofa several months now and the cushions still hold their shape, but they’ve softened up a bit which is awesome. My partner and I snuggle on it and watch Netflix marathons and haven’t found it to be uncomfortable. I do support my neck with throw pillows and get cozy with a blanket. I was looking for something that was stylish yet comfy, my previous sofa was an oversized extra large squishy comfy one, but it wasn’t stylish and I wanted a change. Hopefully this helps!

  11. After reading the positive reviews on this site and on Article.com, I was confident that I made the correct choice in selecting the Ceni sofa. However, during delivery today, the movers severely damaged four various walls/ corners of my apartment leaving many dents/ scrapes throughout. Furthermore, the sofa legs and wooden frame were damaged (likely due to the miscare of the movers against the walls). My experience with Article has been horrible and now am awaiting what customer service will do. I am sure others have had positive experiences with Article; however, if you have a smaller apartment (mine is 800+ square feet), I would advise you stay away as the damages done to your apartment are more trouble than it’s worth.

    1. Hi Doug, sorry you experienced that, I’m very certain Article’s customer service will take care of you, email them and reach out to them on twitter, they’re fast via social media. If you sofa was damaged, take some photos and send it to them, I’m sure they’ll help you out. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    2. Hi Doug,

      It looks like you posted this last night before our team had spoken with you. I understand that our team have been in touch several times today, and I believe that a resolution is well underway.

      Our delivery partners across the US and Canada deliver to hundreds of small spaces every day. Part of the reason we select the delivery partners we choose to work with so carefully is to avoid situations like this happening in the first place. Unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen. If, despite their best efforts, damage does occur during delivery then we won’t hesitate to cover the cost of repair. I believe this is exactly what we are doing in this instance and that scheduling that repair work is in progress.

      If you have any further concerns I would encourage you to reach out to our customer support team again. Our friendly team are great at dealing with these kinds of issues quickly and effectively.

      Duncan Blair
      Director of Marketing

  12. Hi Nicole,

    It’s been a year+ since this review was written and I’m wondering how the couch is holding up? I’m seriously considering buying this as a set, but I’m concerned with the cushions giving-out early and the couch looking beat down and worn before it’s time. How is your set fairing? Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for checking in! The couch is in great shape, I purchased it wanting firm cushions and a style that would hold its shape. Over a year later and it’s still firm (but it did soften up a little bit but it’s still firm yet comfy) and it really holds its shape great, no sagging at all. Please note I don’t have children or pets so this is based on 2 adults using it every day. I hope this helps you make your decision.

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