A Totally Tea-riffic DIY Valentine

A quick and quirky DIY Valentine that pairs well with a small gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad,  friend or anyone you love! It’s also great for birthday’s, anniversaries, or just because. I like that it doesn’t require a lot of craft supplies or skills, but it ends up being super cute, because in the end it’s the thought that matters.

DIY Valentine card with earl grey chocolate

The actual card is made from a piece of watercolour paper I had laying around, I chose it because I like the texture, but you can really use paper you want. It might look even better with colourful paper, bright pink would contrast nicely.

DIY Valentine Card

I looked in my tea collection for a tea bag I didn’t love too much, this one is from a hotel I stayed at many years ago, I’m that person that takes all the free stuff from the hotel room, especially if they have interesting tea! I never got around to drinking this one, so I removed the label from the string and replaced it with some cute gold washi tape I got from Minted.

The tea bag is glued on using regular white glue and the googley eyes are attached with white glue too, I just waited a full day for them to dry.

DIY Valentine card with earl grey chocolate

I used a permanent marker to draw a mouth directly on the bag and used the same pen to write my Valentine’s Day message “You’re Totally Tea-riffic!” In a perfect world I’d be really awesome at calligraphy and my message would look a whole lot nicer, but I scribbled my message out in quirky form and just went with it. I was thinking if I owned a label maker that would be a fun way to write the message too!

DIY Valentine card with earl grey chocolate

I paired the card with some quality Earl Grey Tea chocolate. And just like that the DIY Valentine is done!

Your finished card could also pair well with the following items:

Kate Spade Teacup from Indigo to go with a DIY Valentine cardKate Spade Teacup

davids tea cream of earl grey for a DIY ValentineDavidsTea Cream of Earl Grey

Jelina Chocolatier Green Tea and Earl Grey Chocolate Bars for a DIY ValentineTea Flavoured Chocolate Bars

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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