Valentine’s Day Printable Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar Printable Wrappers
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve created a simple and super cute way to give a Valentine along with a bar of chocolate.

Below you’ll find a free downloadable chocolate bar wrapper file.

There are 3 designs in total and you can print them on 8.5″x 11″ sheets of paper, cut out and wrap around each bar securing at the back with a small piece of tape. They are sized to fit standard chocolate bars, but you can trim the ends a little bit if your bar isn’t as wide.

I was caught by surprise while shopping for chocolate bars, discovering that most brands no longer have a foil wrapper. Luckily Green & Blacks has a gold wrapper under their paper wrapper, but if you can’t find that brand, you can buy whatever bar you want and simply remove the wrapper and cut a piece of aluminum foil to size and give it a quick wrap, I’ve done that with a few bars in my photos.


Click here to DOWNLOAD chocolate bar wrappers


Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoy this fun and super quick project.
Spread the love…and chocolate!

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Valentine's day chocolate bar wrapper printable
Valentine's day chocolate bar wrapper printable
valentine's day chocolate bar wrapper printable
Valentine's Day Printable Chocolate Wrappers


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