How to Fix Rusted Metal with Gold Sharpie Pens

After spending the past couple of years fixing up old furniture I’ve come across a lot of rusted metal, it’s fairly straight forward to fix larger areas of metal with spray paint or just replace it with new hardware, but sometimes there’s smaller areas like the feet on furniture legs or accent inlays of metal that are rusted and you can’t replace them because you can’t source the parts.

Fixing rusted furniture with gold Sharpie pen
I’m about to show you the easiest trick to make rusted metal look new again, anyone can do it!
Get yourself a metallic Sharpie pen, in this case I used gold.

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5 Tips For Styling Your Coffee Table

Do you need help figuring out how to style your coffee table? Guess what, so do I, kind of, but only because I’m having trouble finding a coffee table I love and that fits in the space. I don’t have room for a large coffee table, something longer and narrow might be nice. I’ve been looking on Charish for some ideas, it’s a great place for vintage and unique finds.

We currently use a vintage filing cabinet that Andrew has owned for many years, while I love the look of it, it’s really not functional as it’s fairly small. It has enough room for a few pieces of decor, but when guests come over there’s really no room for drinks and food. My plan is to replace it someday or find a piece of marble I can cut to fit for the top of it, add small legs and perhaps add a second coffee table that’s glass to sit overtop of it for a layered effect. But right now replacing it just sounds easier.

Coffee Table Styling

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Disconnect From Your Phone By Wearing A Watch + A JORD Wood Watch Giveaway!

JORD wood watches

When last did you check what time it was on a real watch? If you’re like me, you haven’t worn a watch since the smartphone was invented. I’ve gotten so used to pulling out my phone to check the time, but find myself getting caught up in checking my social media notifications, emails and text messages only to put my phone away realizing I’ve totally forgotten to check the time! Smartphones have become something we can’t live without. I’ll admit, If I haven’t checked my instagram in a day I feel like I’m missing something, it’s almost an addition, it also causes me anxiety to try and catch up with everything, it can be so overwhelming. Continue reading

Vegan Cheesecake Cashew Cups

Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

When the good weather comes out it always inspires me to try new recipes and I’ve really been into incorporating plant based recipes into our regular routine because I physically feel better eating less meat and dairy. I’ve really been inspired by the Minimalist Baker in recent months and my latest recipe love are these Vegan Cheesecake Cashew Cups.

With just 7 ingredients you can have a delicious dessert! They’re so creamy and satisfying, perfect for when you’re craving a treat but they’re still somewhat healthy. Continue reading

Get Organized With Custom Labels from Minted

Spring is in full swing, although in Vancouver it’s feeling more like Summer, it’s so warm! This time of year I love to freshen up my space, clean and dust everything, get rid of things I don’t need and most of all, get organized. I’ve recently discovered new custom labels from to help me get organized.

Minted‘s new labels are pre-designed but you can customize text and colours. They’re durable and a perfect way to customize and label containers, sports equipment, toys and even clothing. The labels are waterproof, non-toxic, laundry and dishwasher safe. Below are a few of my favorites, you can see that I’ve customized them in various ways and all it takes is a few clicks on their website, super easy!

Custom labels from Minted

You can label your children’s clothing, lunch containers, bags and so much more. I don’t have children so I’m thinking of ways I can use them for myself. Continue reading

Using Texture and Pattern in Home Decor

I love colour but generally don’t use too much in my own home decor and my client projects. I prefer working with textures. I like to keep my palettes neutral and calm with touches of colour but lately I’ve been really into mixing things up with texture and pattern.

For Spring 2016, home decor is all about bringing in texture and pattern with items like textiles, metallic finishes, backsplash tiles and countertops, while keeping the colours minimal.

I’ve gathered some inspiration below for a living space and a kitchen. Notice how the colours are cohesive so all the textures can work well together. Don’t be afraid to mix metals in items like pillows and light fixtures. Play with scale of patterns, a large pattern on the rug and a more muted smaller pattern on a pillows.

Spring 2016 home decor with pattern and texture


Living Space:  Rug  /  Sofa  /  Pillow  /  Pillow  /  Pendant Light  /  Side tables  /  Pouf

In the kitchen I love adding wood elements. If you have a white kitchen, think about bringing in some wood accessories or adding some wood floating shelves. It warms up the space and adds a lot of character. Changing your backsplash tile is also a fun way to change the overall look of your space. I love these patterned tiles shown below, they’re playful and add plenty of texture and pattern without being too bold.

I love have been in love with the toaster shown below, it’s from West Elm and it’s been on my wish list for a while, I like that it’s small with wood accents and clean stainless steel. Overall the elements shown below have a lot of texture and pattern, but they all work well together because they fall within the same minimal and calm colour palette.

Spring 2016 home decor with pattern and texture
Kitchen:  Backsplash Tile  /  Kitchen Faucet  /  Toaster  /  Countertop  /  Glass Pitcher  /  Canisters  /  Basket

Reupholstered Mid-Century Chairs

Last month I shared with you that our reupholstered mid-century chairs are happening! After a few weeks they were reupholstered and today we brought them home. You have no idea how excited and nervous I was. I have been wanting to get these chairs done for years, I had even blogged about how I wanted them to look after endlessly looking for inspiration on Pinterest, you can read about that over here. I was so scared they wouldn’t look the way I had imagined in my mind, plus I have serious commitment issues, so picking a fabric took forever. Finally going a head with this was frightening, but Luxcious Upholstery on Main Street in Vancouver ended up doing an amazing job, they’re even better than I could have imagined!

Here’s how they looked before, just to refresh your memory. You can see more photos in my previous blog post over here, where you’ll see holes in the seat and other gross details.
Pink vintage chair before

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How To Make Rose Quartz Crystals

DIY Rose Quartz Crystals

I made Rose Quartz crystals and I still can’t believe it! This DIY project is easier than it looks. The idea came from the need for Rose Quartz for a work project relating to Pantone Colour of the year Rose Quartz. I really didn’t want to pay lots of money for real Rose Quartz from the rock and gem store and I really didn’t like the look of the fake ones from the big box home decor stores because they were usually over saturated with neon pink dye or just weren’t the right colour.

This project takes about 20 minutes to make and another 6-10 hours of waiting time. Continue reading