52 Things I Love About You Template



I’ve provided a downloadable template file for this 52 Things I Love About You project below to make this project easier.

Fill out the downloadable template and print on cardstock. Cut out each square by hand. I then glued each square to Bicycle brand playing cards using a thin layer of basic Mod-Podge, but you could also use rubber cement for a faster drying time.

Once the cards dry I took one card (the Joker or an extra card you don’t plan on including in your booklet) and practiced punching some holes in it. Try your best to punch holes in the same place on each card, but it doesn’t have to be perfect because the metal binder rings are large enough to give some flexibility to the booklet. Thread each card onto the rings in your desired order and spread the love! More photos in this blog post http://visualheart.com/2012/02/19/52-things-i-love-about-you/

What’s in the download?
MS Word file with boxes sized to fit on playing cards.
Text boxes formatted with sample text only.
Please note that this is a template, not a finished product.
You will need to download the font to make the template look correct (see below).
You will need to create your own list of 52 things.

What version of Microsoft Word is the file?
The file is Microsoft Word 2011. I can not guarantee it will work with older versions of Word.
It is not compatible with Google Docs.

Where did I get the font?
You can download the font I used here, it’s called Mari & David