I renovate and up-cycle vintage furniture with help from my boyfriend Andrew. It’s a satisfying feeling to give new life to an old dresser or side table by up-cycling it. It’s great for the planet because up-cycled furniture means you’re recycling old into new. We’re taking something that could potentially end up in the landfill and making it new and functional again. In the posts below you can follow my process and see full before and after photos of each piece.

You’re probably wondering what kind of paint I use. Most of my furniture makeovers use Benjamin Moore Advance paint, they are not an affiliate, I just think they make really great durable paint for wood furniture and they have a great selection of colours too. Some colours I’ve used recently: Snowfall White, Tropicana Cabana and Mantis Green. Although Benjamin Moore paint has built in primer in most cases, I still like to use a 3 in 1 primer from my local hardware store, because it helps seal in weird smells and ugly stains. You can find out what brands I use in each post.

Click the photos in the gallery below to read more about each project and see the full before and after.