Before and After: Painted Dresser

painted dresser

This one is different than my usual projects. I got this dresser for free and it’s not the mid century modern style I prefer, but I went for it. I knew a little paint would make it look so much better. I wanted to get this one finished quickly, so I started priming it as soon as I got it, hence why I never got a good before photo, but I did manage to grab the photo from the online ad! (Apologies in advance for the horrendous photo). So here’s the before, it’s dark plastic laminate faux wood grain with many damaged […]

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Before and After: Vintage Dresser

vintage furniture before and after

After a few weeks of procrastination during the holidays, we finally finished this vintage dresser project. It’s come a long way since we first got it. It was cleaned, patched and brought back to life. Here’s what it looked like before we started working on it, yes at first glance it doesn’t look too bad, but it was scary. It had 1000 spiders in it from being left outside, so that took a while to get it clean and remove the musty smells. The wood veneer was very dry and chipped in several places, the only area that was in decent […]

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Modern Meets Traditional Bathroom Design

luxury bathroom interior design

I recently took some photos of a luxury bathroom renovation here in Vancouver, British Columbia. It may not be my personal style, but you can’t help but love the finishes in this space. The mix of traditional elements and slick modern design somehow fits together in perfect harmony. The soft pastels in the tile and wall colour contrast with the dark marble floors. I’m seriously obsessing over the floors, they have so much impact in the space, they ground the airiness of the pastel colours and bring in a bit of a masculine feature into a very feminine space creating […]

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Art Inspired Room Decor

art inspiration room decor

A great way to decorate a room is by adding art. It can add personality and if you group a few pieces together it can help bring an entire room together. You can decorate your space by grabbing your favourite piece of art and using it as room decor inspiration. Below, I’ve shown a modern city loft scheme, using colours and graphic styles found in the paintings. All the paintings are from this great auction website called Invaluable, they have a huge selection from around the world and there’s pretty much any style to suit your personality. I’m most inspired by modern/contemporary/abstract art. Also, who knew […]

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Ikea Love: products that don’t look like they’re from Ikea

Ikea favorite products

Lately Ikea has really been doing it right. There’s been so many really great items that don’t have that typical Ikea look and feel. You know what I’m talking about, the products that everyone buys, the lack coffee table that can be found by the hundreds on craigslist, the same old bowls and cups, that candle older all of your friends have. I’m sharing some of my favorite products that make me go “that’s from Ikea?!” I’m specifically in love with the fabric cord lights they’ve released. The Sekond cord light looks and feels just like the super expensive designer ones. […]

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Becoming a Freelance Designer and Making A Home Office

home office before

This past year has been crazy, yes I literally mean crazy. That’s the only way I can sum up the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my work life. I’m about to share details that I haven’t shared with many people, I’ve just been too busy focusing on moving forward with my life to talk about what went on. It all started when I lost my agency job of almost 8 years, it didn’t end in the way I had always imagined in my head it would end. I won’t get into details, but basically I wasn’t getting paid for […]

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Using Black in Your Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Black and White with pastel green

After doing renovations to our apartment and being on a super rushed timeline in the process, I occasionally have regrets about certain decisions we made in terms of design. Don’t get me wrong, I really love everything, but you know that feeling when you spend hours browsing Pinterest and fall into an imaginary world of dream homes and wish you could just change things up easily because you’re currently in love with a certain style. I flip flop so often between loving minimalist black and white designs to colourful bold spaces with lots of playful art and accessories. Lately I’ve really been […]

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Giveaway! Vancouver Home + Design Show Tickets!

vancouver home and design show tickets

I’m doing a giveaway! If you live in Vancouver, BC, you’ll like this one. You could win two (2) tickets to the Vancouver Home + Design Show for October 16-19, 2014. Visit their website for show details and times. My giveaway is open to Vancouver residents only as you have to pick up your tickets in person (see details below). All you have to do is follow the instructions presented in the widget below, just a few small steps and you could win a pair of tickets and have an awesome weekend learning so much about home decor, renovations and check out super cool celebrity […]

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Handmade Driftwood Lamp

Driftwood Lamp

Weekends are for relaxing and getting outside, we enjoy an occasional spontaneous trip to the beach to hunt for driftwood. Lately, Andrew has had a good eye for finding pieces suitable for lamps. This time he found a very organic piece that looks different from every angle. We found this one at the same beach I mentioned in my previous driftwood lamp post. The addition of a vintage Edison light bulb really makes the piece. I love a good Edison bulb. The light bulb is only 40 watt, so it gives off a nice low warm glow, perfect to add ambiance to a living […]

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Before and After: Mid-Century Asymmetrical Dresser

painted vintage furniture before and after

This mid-century modern dresser was picked up a few weeks ago at a Summer yard sale for a steal. It sat in our living room for a while until we finished a few other projects and figured out what we were going to do to it. It originally came with 2 mirrors that had broken frames, were bulky and weighed a ton. Luckily we managed to sell the beveled mirrors and made back our money on the dresser purchase! Who knew there was a market for vintage beveled mirror. I am totally in love with the lines of this mid-century […]

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Modern Furniture: Dressers, Cabinets and Consoles

modern furniture inspiration

Don’t be scared, even if you aren’t into modern design, that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse it into your decor. I’ve discovered some great twists on modern furniture, specifically dressers, cabinets and consoles. Designers are mixing wood with white, adding bold splashes of colour or inlaying brass into wood to warm things up a bit and of course you can’t go wrong with a classic mid-century modern piece. Here’s a collection of some modern furniture pieces that I love right now, there’s a broad selection of price ranges from custom designer creations to big box stores, showing that you don’t have […]

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Hardware and Fixture Inspiration

brass hardware

Today I’m sharing some hardware and fixture inspiration that came to me after a visit to the Interior Design Show West this past weekend. There were so many great brands and some new ones I hadn’t heard of before. Brass is no longer that 1980s brass we all imagine when we think of brass, black is now sexy and appreciated instead of dated and copper is the new gold. Seriously copper warms up a white kitchen and adds so much character. Below are some very current designs, all of them include a modern industrial vibe which is my personal favorite style. […]

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