Clutter Bug Be Gone

My plan in the next month or so, is to turn my storage room into a functioning craft/storage space. Right now it’s just filled with random  boxes and it’s totally not an enjoyable space. It’s REALLY tiny, but i’m hoping I can create a fun place to sew, craft and keep all my odds and ends in. I found a few ideas of what I’m hoping to do, visual inspiration is always helpful. Looks like a trip to Ikea is definitely needed sometime soon. These cute white boxes will probably help with the visual clutter, I’m hoping to keep everything […]

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The Cedar Bench

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I built a large bench for my patio. I decided I wanted to sell my plastic andarondac chairs and have something that I could actually lounge on. What’s amazing is that I now have twice as much seating as well as storage. This bench ended up costing half of what i’d pay for one in a store and the benefit is that I could customize the length to fit my patio perfectly. Most quality wood benches in the store are anywhere from $100 – $300 and my bench was about $50. All the […]

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