Loft Dining Room Makeover with Article Ecole Dining Chairs

Article Ecole dining chair review by @visualheart

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I have a strong dislike for a set of replica Eames dining chairs that we had at our dining room table. They make horrible noises when moved around, you constantly have to tighten the screws and the plastic seat cracked within a year of purchase. So I have been researching chair options for a long time, realising I needed quality “adult” chairs that will last a lifetime. I already own a few pieces from Article, so I knew I loved the quality. If you don’t already know, Article is an original […]

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5 Cozy Rugs That Hide Dirt and Warm Your Feet

5 cozy rugs that hide dirt

6 months ago we got rid of our thin printed cotton rug and started looking for rugs that were cozy yet practical. I guess you could say we were looking for an ‘adult’ rug. While our thin cotton rug was super stylish and easy to shake out because it was lightweight, it really didn’t make the room feel warm and cozy. We have cold concrete floors and we wanted something to make our living space feel inviting, but we also wanted to make sure it was low maintenance, meaning the pattern was good at hiding dirt so we didn’t have […]

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Aqua Bathroom Accessories

Aqua bathroom accessories

Who says you have to follow the seasons or the latest color trends to have a stylish home. I’ve shopped some of my favorite brands and gathered together some whimsical aqua accessories you can add to your bathroom for a fun pop of color. All product links are listed below. Add one or two of these accessories to a neutral space to brighten it up and add personality, or go bold and use them all together. Aqua is such a fun and uplifting color, it can update almost any space with just a few touches here and there. Switch out your […]

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A Review of the White Oak Seno Sideboard from Article

Article Seno Sideboard | @article via

After much deliberation, I decided to add the Seno sideboard from Article to our dining room. Our vintage sideboard was in rough shape and I never really loved the colour and style. I mentioned in this previous post about sideboards, that I was looking for something more modern. The Seno sideboard from Article is the perfect mix of vintage yet clean modern lines but the white oak adds some character. If you’ve been thinking about buying from Article but you’re scared to purchase furniture online without seeing it in person, I urge you to take the plunge. This is the […]

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Modern Sideboards and My Dining Room Wish List

Dining room style wish list for

When we first moved into our loft we went thrifting for sideboards and purchased a well-loved vintage one, it wasn’t in the best shape but the price was right. It’s 71″ inches long, a pretty standard size for sideboards and holds so much stuff. We use it for our vinyl record collection and Andrew’s Scotch collection. The cool thing about it is it has drawers inside and a flip-down bar top, but that also limits what can go in it. I’m at the point where I’m ready to let it go, it’s no longer my style and I’m not loving the red/orange […]

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Functional and Affordable Modern Home Office

visualheart home office loft

I’ve been freelancing and working from home for a couple of years now and I’ve finally figured out what essentials I need in my office. I’ve rounded it all up in this post to give you some tips to achieve a functional yet stylish home office with a few basic items. Sitting for a good chunk of the day means I need a comfortable supportive office chair, it took me a while to find one that was affordable yet supported my back and looked good. I refused to have a typical black plastic office chair because my office is in […]

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Easy Kitchen Makeover Using Matte Black Hardware

loft apartment kitchen

This year I’ve really been into matte black fixtures, lighting, faucets, appliances and cabinet hardware. Some of those items can get pretty expensive, but cabinet hardware is the most affordable of them all since you can do it yourself. There’s no need to hire a plumber or an electrician and in most cases just changing out cabinet pulls can totally change the look of your kitchen (or bathroom). Here’s our kitchen before the hardware update, we had simple stainless steel minimalist pulls, they looked fine, but I was ready for a change and wanted to try this matte black trend […]

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Our Kitchen Renovation 5 Years Later and What I’d Do Differently


It’s been about 5 years since we renovated our loft apartment, specifically the kitchen renovation. I wanted to look back on the process and share with you the things I’d do differently if I could do it all over again. Lets start with some before photos. Hello 1990’s! Note that this kitchen renovation was done in less than 1 month and my family and I work in the industry so I got a lot of deals on skilled trades and materials. Things to make note of, the puke green on the walls, the purple beams and ceiling, the raised bar […]

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A Review of the Texa Rug from Article

Texa rug in fog gray from Article

Exciting news, I finally own my first adult rug! I got the Texa rug in fog gray from Article. I replaced our worn out cotton rug that I had purchased online several years ago, it was tired and I was ready for a change. Honestly, it was never really warm enough under our feet because we have concrete floors and it was thin canvas, sure I could have got an underpad, but those are so annoying when you want to vacuum. The old rug had a bold pattern that was a big feature in the room, (see photo below) it kind […]

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Why Large Art Looks Better Than A Gallery Wall

Custom canvas print

Goodbye gallery wall, the new trend is large art and I love it. When we first moved into our loft, we put up a gallery wall because it worked with the art we already had, it was a mash-up of my art and Andrew’s art on one wall. After 5 years I got pretty sick of it and we weren’t really in love with any of the pieces. I decided that large art is better because it looks less cluttered, creates a bold focal point in the room and overall it makes me happier and that’s the most important reason […]

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Spring 2017 Decor Trends

Spring 2017 Decor Trends

Spring 2017 is here and it’s full of colourful textures. Woven fabrics, wicker and macrame are trending big time and while I like them, I think they’re best used in small amounts. Adding a colourful wall hanging to a modern space can add a touch of whimsy and it’s totally unexpected. A few of my favourite materials this season are concrete, light wood and metallics paired with lots of white. These materials are classic, neutral and minimalist, they work well with trendy colourful accents and paint colours. When Spring comes around I also like to freshen up our space with […]

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White Besta Cabinet Brings Clean Style to Our Loft

Ikea Besta Cabinet

In the process of decluttering our loft, I had the urge to replace the 4×4 Ikea Expedit shelf that sits in the middle of our living room. I wanted to find something that didn’t invite clutter. The open shelving was a catch-all for tchotchkes and storage boxes filled with stuff we didn’t really use. Plus I was so sick of dusting it! My goal was to get a smaller cabinet with doors to make the room feel cleaner, so I went with the Ikea Besta series. I purchased a Besta cabinet with 3 doors, it surprisingly holds a lot of items and […]

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