Spread Joy with Minted Holiday Cards

Be kind to one another

I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready for a new year to begin, 2016 has been a very weird year, especially now that he who shall not be named is about to be the American President, so scary (and I’m in Canada!). What I’m getting at here is that we all need to focus on spreading joy, happiness and being kind to one another. What better time to do it than at Christmas! The holiday season is pretty much here and I’ll be spreading joy with customized Christmas cards that I’ll be printing through Minted.com. I’ve done this for 2 years […]

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Christmas Card Design Trends at Minted

Minted metallic foil holiday cards

October is quickly coming to an end and you know what that means, suddenly Christmas will be near! Huuraaah! But along with the feelings of excitement and joy, that overwhelming feeling of getting things done sneaks in. One of those things is creating a unique Christmas card to give out to friends and family. The last few years I’ve been into sending out cards to the clients I work with as well as friends and family and making my own gift tags. I usually make the designs myself and print them locally, but with my schedule being fairly crazy this year, there’s just not […]

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Pantone Colour of the Year 2015: Marsala

Pantone color of the year: Marsala

Pantone announced it’s color of the year, Marsala. I have to say I’m way more excited about this color over last years pick of Radiant Orchid, while I loved purple hues, that one just wasn’t doing it for me. Marsala is described as rich, elegant, and full-bodied. It’s a grounded statement colour when used on it’s own, or a strong accent with many other colors. While I’m not a huge fan of the name, as I find it awkward to say, I appreciate the origin of it, because the word Marsala is taken from an Italian wine originally from the city of […]

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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

free printable Christmas gift tags

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I’d make your life a little easier by providing free printable Christmas gift tags. They’re the perfect little addition to gifts for friends and family. These will not only save you time, but they’ll also save you money, while making your gifts extra pretty. They’re placed on a standard 8.5″x11″ letter size sheet for easy at home printing. I suggest printing them on card stock to make them a bit thicker. Just cut along the outlines and use a one-hole punch to make holes to attach some string or ribbon.

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Becoming a Freelance Designer and Making A Home Office

home office before

This past year has been crazy, yes I literally mean crazy. That’s the only way I can sum up the ups and downs I’ve experienced in my work life. I’m about to share details that I haven’t shared with many people, I’ve just been too busy focusing on moving forward with my life to talk about what went on. It all started when I lost my agency job of almost 8 years, it didn’t end in the way I had always imagined in my head it would end. I won’t get into details, but basically I wasn’t getting paid for […]

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Put A Pineapple On It – Available at Society6

Not too long ago I posted about the crazy pineapple trend that’s going on right now, I find it kind of amusing how something like a bird or a fruit can explode and placed on just about anything almost over night. So I thought I’d create a fun little graphic to poke fun at it, but also totally embrace it. So my friends, head on over to my Society6 Shop and Put A Pineapple On It!

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The Summer of Pineapple

Sometimes I find trends really funny. Remember a few years ago when everything was “put a bird on it”, now it’s all “put a pineapple on it.” This trend has almost worn out as fast as it appeared, but to be honest I think pineapples are just so damn cute that it’s hard to dislike anything with a pineapple on it! I’ve gathered together some things with pineapples on them, from handmade and crafted to mass produced, so many cute things! Necklace + Earrings  //  Woven Basket  //  Skateboard  //  Watch  //  iPhone Case  //  Card  //  Cake  //  DIY […]

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Poppytalk for Target Collection

Today I got a sneak peek at the launch of the Poppytalk for Target collection. The theme is glamping or glam camping and everything is just so beautiful. The best part, it’s a really affordable way to add colour, pattern and style to your party. I’m particularly in love the the cake stands and I’m excited to use them this summer. They are made from thick coated cardboard and they pack flat for easy storage! They’re currently sitting on my latest dresser makeover and match so perfectly! By the way, the dresser and highboy are for sale if anyone’s interested. […]

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