Simple Modern DIY Pom Pom Wreath

DIY Anthropologie inspired pom-pom wreath

The first Christmas wreath I ever had was back in 2015, it was a gift and it was absolutely stunning, you can check it out over in this feature post on Poppytalk’s blog. This season, it seems like the pom pom is all the rage along with all things wool and felt. I really wanted a neutral minimalist wreath for our home and I refused to buy one, crafting something unique is always the way to go. After a quick search on Pinterest, I found a few pom pom wreaths that I really admired, but I wasn’t into the medley of […]

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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Card

free printable Valentine's Day card

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! If you’re having trouble finding that perfect light hearted and silly Valentine’s card for that special person in your life, I’ve created a free printable Valentine’s day card that’s great for anyone in your life. Just download the card and print on card stock on your home printer or take it to your local print shop. Then trim along the crop marks, fold and write your message. So simple and so fun! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Share your printed card on social media and tag me in your post @visualheart Happy Valentine’s Day! […]

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Free Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Free printable Christmas gift tags

Here we are again, another Christmas is just around the corner and I’ve decided to share more free printable gift tags with all my wonderful readers! I’ve designed them for the past 2 years and I think this will become an annual tradition because I find printable tags easy to print, assemble and customize with ribbon or string. You can find previous years gift tags over here and here. This year, the color scheme is minimalist with light mauve, grey and black, a little Scandinavian inspired! I was also inspired by my friend Angie Coates recent pin design and had to […]

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How To Make Rose Quartz Crystals

DIY Rose Quartz Crystals

I made Rose Quartz crystals and I still can’t believe it! This DIY project is easier than it looks. The idea came from the need for Rose Quartz for a work project relating to Pantone Colour of the year Rose Quartz. I really didn’t want to pay lots of money for real Rose Quartz from the rock and gem store and I really didn’t like the look of the fake ones from the big box home decor stores because they were usually over saturated with neon pink dye or just weren’t the right colour. This project takes about 20 minutes to make […]

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A Totally Tea-riffic DIY Valentine

Valentine's Day DIY Card

A quick and quirky DIY Valentine that pairs well with a small gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad,  friend or anyone you love! It’s also great for birthday’s, anniversaries, or just because. I like that it doesn’t require a lot of craft supplies or skills, but it ends up being super cute, because in the end it’s the thought that matters.

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Weird and Wonderful Collections

bread tag collection

I’m not even sure how this weird collection started, but it happened to coincide with the beginning of my relationship with Andrew. We kept putting bread tags into a jar and almost 7 years later the jar is pretty much full. I love the colours and I also love that the larger white ones have a heart shape in the middle. What weird and wonderful things do you collect? Here’s a few weird and wonderful collections that caught my eye. I notice a lot of collections are vintage and it makes me wonder what items people will be collecting from […]

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Friday Favorites

friday favorites

Happy Friday everyone! I’m introducing a new regular feature on my blog called Friday Favorites. I’ll be sharing a small selection of products, diy projects and home decor I discovered in the past week. Here’s what I’ve spotted on Pinterest, Etsy and other sources this week. Basically, the internet is telling me to put some more color and pattern in my life. I’m obsessed with the legging company I’ve shared below, Sweet Legs have so many awesome patterns and colors, I have yet to purchase a pair, but they’re on my list of must haves! I’ve included a couple of DIY […]

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Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

free printable Christmas gift tags

Christmas is just around the corner and I thought I’d make your life a little easier by providing free printable Christmas gift tags. They’re the perfect little addition to gifts for friends and family. These will not only save you time, but they’ll also save you money, while making your gifts extra pretty. They’re placed on a standard 8.5″x11″ letter size sheet for easy at home printing. I suggest printing them on card stock to make them a bit thicker. Just cut along the outlines and use a one-hole punch to make holes to attach some string or ribbon.

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Recipe Adventure: Canned Peaches with Printable Labels

Canned peaches recipe with printable labels

This Summer I discovered the awesomeness that is canning fruit and vegetables. It’s like making little jars of Summer to open during the grey days of Winter. I do not know how I went through life without doing this before. I seemed to always think it was super hard to do, but honestly, if I can do it, you can do it too! It just takes quite a bit of time, so make sure you’ve got a full afternoon available. Trust me, it’s worth it! The motivation to can our first batch of fruit was from a family member that […]

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Driftwood Lamp

driftwood lamp

Andrew and I have always been pretty thrifty people, making, crafting, finding free furniture, we’re always hunting for something we can fix up to resell or just keep in our home. Lately we’ve been even more on a budget, because I’ve been hunting for work the last 6 months. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to have cheap and ugly things, you just have to look at the world a little differently and be creative. The past few weeks I’ve been slowly transforming our office area into a proper work station. Since I’ve been spending a lot more […]

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