Before and After: Vintage Typewriter Cart

vintage typewriter cart

Andrew and I took a drive out of town to visit family and did our usual thrift store hunt for furniture. Just when we thought we found nothing, this awesome vintage typewriter cart was hiding amongst the junk for $5. I couldn’t believe the deal we got, I was super excited to paint it a fun colour. I spent a long while debating between a spray painted finish or using a brush. Each had their pros and cons, but I kept being drawn back to hand painting due to my budget, we already had some awesome colours in a quality paint, […]

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Before and After: Vintage Cabinet from Shabby to Chic

Vintage Cabinet Before and After

One thing that really bothers me is when someone takes a Mid Century style piece of furniture and applies a shabby chic paint finish to it. Modern + shabby do not mix! This vintage cabinet was one of those disasters, lightly brushed with a weird green, the door had been removed on the right side and the notches for the hinges were left behind. Ugly white hooks were added to the side for functionality and that green paint had dripped down onto the legs ruining the brass finish. The only cool thing this cabinet had going for it was the drawer, the inside […]

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Before and After: Vintage Telephone Table

painted vintage telephone table after

Someone left this sad little vintage telephone table on the side of the road and I took it home. I loved the different materials used in the design, horizontal bars and curved plywood shapes. I could see the potential and had to give it a new life. Since the entire table was made from plywood with faux wood grain laminate and rusted metal, I lightly sanded everything and coated it all in CIL Smart3 Primer. The trick is to do several thin coats of primer, trust me, being patient and spending more time on this stage will save you pain […]

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Before and After: Painted Vintage Dresser

vintage dresser before and after

Another painted vintage dresser project completed. This one was literally a beast that was turned into a beauty. It had a horrible faux wood grain finish and tons of chips and since it was made from MDF it was really heavy. The lines and hardware on this piece are awesome, so it was a no brainer to take it home and upcycle it into a more modern and stylish piece of furniture. After a quick sanding and minor patching, 3 coats of primer were applied. Primer is the key to a solid finish. Always take the time to apply several thin […]

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Before and After: Vintage Side Table with Dipped Tips

Our neighbour had a garage sale in our building the other weekend and I picked up this potentially cute side table for practically free. The awesome part was I just had to pop it in the elevator and take it upstairs to our place! No carrying or driving needed! There’s a lot of detail on this thing, which required a lot of painting with a brush and going over again with a roller to remove the brush marks. I’m not sure I’d do this style again because of all the grooves in the wood, just way too time consuming and not […]

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Medicine Cabinet Mini Makeover

When we got our place about 2 years ago we installed 2 medicine cabinets, one was new and the other was upcycled from an old Ikea cabinet that was left in the apartment by the previous home owners. We had the renovation crew cut a whole to fit the cabinet in the wall and put the cabinet in place. A door was cut from MDF and ever since then it was left that way. I never got around to updating it and finishing it until recently. Check out the big hole in the wall during construction and the way it […]

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Before and After: Vintage Highboy and Dresser

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to an estate sale with my boyfriend. We scored big, getting ourselves a vintage dresser and matching highboy for practically nothing. The dresser came with a mirror that we removed and sold for enough money to make back the cost of one dresser! Both the dresser and the highboy were in bad shape, scuffs, chips and an overall ugly colour. The main reason we wanted these was for the hardware, the lines and the legs. For the most part these were easy to fix up, light sanding by hand, filled in the […]

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Before and After: Vintage Dresser with Découpage Pattern

The other weekend while driving out of town to visit family we hit up the local thrift stores to see if we could get any deals. Lately I’ve been finding that would local thrift shops are very picked over, so this will likely become a habit every time we visit family! We picked up this small dresser for practically nothing and this time I was looking to experiment with it. The top was heavy duty laminate, I’d never painted plastic before but was willing to give it a shot. Andrew spent a few years working at a hardware store and knew exactly […]

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Before and After: Mid-Century Modern Cabinet

My latest find was a mid-century modern cabinet which originally came from a local art gallery, it was in rough shape with really dry wood veneer and a broken door. Not only was the door broken, but I later discovered that the entire unit was warped (including the door). Andrew ended up sanding off a small section of the door so it could close smoothly, he also had to clamp it to a flat surface to correct the warp as much as possible. Off topic – how cute is that tiny lock above the handle! The entire cabinet was primed with several coats […]

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Before and After: Vintage dresser with 6 drawers

Another one bites the dust! Literally. This project was one of the messiest I’ve done to date. This vintage dresser required a ridiculous amount of sanding. Luckily Andrew was willing to sand it. What we didn’t think about was that it’s made of plywood, meaning that too much sanding can actually ruin the surface appearance. Since plywood is made from hardwood, soft wood and glue, if you sand too hard, the soft wood just disappears, while the hardwood comes to the surface creating a wavy appearance. Unfortunately we had to sand aggressively in order to remove the layers of ugly pale pink and […]

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Before and After: Dresser

Last weekend I found a dresser in our alley, well technically it wasn’t our alley, it was Spring cleaning in our building and people just put stuff in a pile and it gets removed a week later. I spotted this well made dresser hiding under a few items and decided I had to have it. With a bit of a struggle getting it into our apartment (by myself because Andrew was away for the weekend), I started stripping off the ugly high gloss varnish. Ideally I wanted to have wood legs, painted drawers and a wood top, but it just […]

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Polished Concrete Floors

polished concrete floor - after

As soon as we got the keys to our place we got to work by quickly ripping out the laminate wood floors and selling them on craigslist (surprisingly they sold within a few hours). The floor was about 80% salvageable, there were a few places with water damage and wear from bad installation. Luckily they were just floating floors so they came up really easily. We were crossing our fingers that the concrete floor underneath would be in perfect condition, natural grey and sealed. Oh boy were we wrong…. It was ugly, really ugly. They had painted brown diamonds on […]

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