Before and After: Vintage Cabinet

vintage cabinet before and after

It’s finally done! It took a lot longer than expected because life and work got in the way, but I’m excited to share this before and after. The cabinet was in really rough shape. It was missing pieces of laminate on the front and sides and it originally had a second glass sliding door, but it was cracked in half, so we just tossed it out. We thought about replacing it, but it just wasn’t in our budget and we figured it would look great with just one door, exposing the colour inside. I spent a long time thinking about what to […]

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New Project: Vintage Mid Century Cabinet

vintage cabinet

So it seems that the best time of year to find furniture is in the Spring and Summer, because people tend to just put stuff out in the back alley or take things to the thrift store for Spring cleaning. We haven’t had many projects the last few weeks, so it was super exiting when we were recently given a mid century style cabinet with a glass sliding door and vintage legs. It originally had 2 glass sliding doors, but one of them was broken, so we’re going to get crafty with the single existing door. This cabinet is in rough shape, […]

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Loft Bedroom Before and After

loft bedroom before and after

It occurred to me that I haven’t done any recent posts of our apartment. We’ve lived here for a couple of years now and things are finally feeling settled. After initial renovations and minor tweaks along the way, I’d say things are pretty much where we want them. There will always be things we want to update or change, but those projects will get done eventually and when our budget allows for it. Today I’m sharing the loft bedroom. I haven’t posted anything about this space because whenever I think to take a photo it’s far too dark or messy, plus […]

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Before and After: Painted Dresser

painted dresser

This one is different than my usual projects. I got this dresser for free and it’s not the mid century modern style I prefer, but I went for it. I knew a little paint would make it look so much better. I wanted to get this one finished quickly, so I started priming it as soon as I got it, hence why I never got a good before photo, but I did manage to grab the photo from the online ad! (Apologies in advance for the horrendous photo). So here’s the before, it’s dark plastic laminate faux wood grain with many damaged […]

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Before and After: Vintage Dresser

vintage furniture before and after

After a few weeks of procrastination during the holidays, we finally finished this vintage dresser project. It’s come a long way since we first got it. It was cleaned, patched and brought back to life. Here’s what it looked like before we started working on it, yes at first glance it doesn’t look too bad, but it was scary. It had 1000 spiders in it from being left outside, so that took a while to get it clean and remove the musty smells. The wood veneer was very dry and chipped in several places, the only area that was in decent […]

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Before and After: Vintage Dresser and Highboy

Vintage Dresser before and after

I was so eager to makeover this pair of dressers that I plain forgot to take a before photo of the highboy dresser. You’ll just have to visualize that it had the same finish as the matching dresser shown below. Lets take a moment to talk about the dresser in its before state. It is so bland and lifeless. It’s a mix of 80s peach laminate with mid century legs and hardware. The brass plating was coming off the hardware and the “brass” on the legs was painted on, so that definitely had to go. The laminate was chipping and had some […]

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Before and After: Mid-Century Asymmetrical Dresser

painted vintage furniture before and after

This mid-century modern dresser was picked up a few weeks ago at a Summer yard sale for a steal. It sat in our living room for a while until we finished a few other projects and figured out what we were going to do to it. It originally came with 2 mirrors that had broken frames, were bulky and weighed a ton. Luckily we managed to sell the beveled mirrors and made back our money on the dresser purchase! Who knew there was a market for vintage beveled mirror. I am totally in love with the lines of this mid-century […]

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Vintage Typewriter Cart at Poppytalk

vintage typewriter cart

I’m doing a little happy dance right now, because I spotted an adorable photo of my painted vintage typewiter cart all dressed up at Poppytalk’s Shop in Vancouver. It looks really awesome with a customized record player and Rifle Paper Co. gift wrap on it. Check out more photos of my typewriter cart and some DIY ideas using gift paper on Poppytalk’s blog. Photo Credit: If you’re in Vancouver, British Columbia, be sure to visit Poppytalk’s shop located at 109 East Broadway (at Main).

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Using a Vintage Dresser as a Changing Table

vintage painted dressers

I thought I’d take a moment to say how grateful I am to have the most awesome customers. There’s nothing more amazing than seeing a piece of furniture I worked on finally finding a home. Even more exciting if it’s in a baby’s nursery. I thought I’d share some photos sent in from 2 new mom’s using my dressers as changing tables. It’s an inventive way to have a changing table, but then once your little one outgrows it, you’ll have it as cute added storage in their bedroom. Photo Credits: Megan King (top left), Katherine Van Der Gracht (bottom). Here’s some more inspiration […]

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Before and After: Vintage Night Stand

vintage night stand

A while back I refinished a junky white box into a modern mid century style night stand. I ended up keeping it for myself. Ever since then, Andrew has been looking for a vintage night stand to match mine. You could say he had night stand envy. Here’s the piece we were matching it with, you can read more about this before and after over here So we were on the lookout for something that had similar bones. We recently found this little guy: This piece was frumpy, especially with that hardware, super short legs and cream paint. We wanted […]

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Before and After: Vintage Dresser Junky to Funky

painted vintage furniture before and after

Oh my gosh, this vintage dresser was a challenge. It was basically ready for the trash, broken drawers, a chipped top edge, water damage and many other chips and scratches. As usual, I saw the beauty in this ugly duckling and the makeover began. Can we take a moment to admire the ugly dark fade on the edges of the faux wood laminate. It all started with a rough sanding over the entire piece to smooth out bumps and remove dirt. This also helps the primer stick to the surface. Andrew filled all the holes with standard wood filler that you […]

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Before and After: Vintage Desk

Vintage Desk Before and After

This vintage desk was such a fun project, it was a free desk passed to me from a family friend. I’m the second owner of it and it was in the worst possible shape. Chipped laminate and veneer, rough plywood edges and chewed up legs. I could see past all of this stuff, I saw awesome legs, great hardware and so much potential. I knew I could give it a new life with a little bit of sanding and a few coats of paint. The thing with vintage pieces is that you have to accept the bits of character you […]

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