Vintage Mid-Century Modern Sideboard Before and After

Vintage mid century sideboard before and after

This narrow plywood and particle board sideboard was the most I have spent on a project, but with the popularity of mid-century modern furniture right now, it’s driving up the prices of everything that looks remotely like vintage. This piece cost $60, it was a lot considering I usually find them for free or less than $40. I figured it was worth the purchase because the glass doors were in great shape, the legs are solid wood and it was a unique size. The narrow depth is something that would fit perfectly into a small apartment and there’s plenty of […]

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Vintage High Boy Dresser Makeover Using Benjamin Moore Paint

vintage dresser makeover

Confession, I usually avoid fixing up high boy dressers because they don’t fit in our vehicle, so they’re a pain to get home, but the owner of this piece wanted it gone so fast that he was kind enough to deliver it right to my door! I loved the potential in this piece, the shape of the top drawer and the details on the front legs. This piece is solid wood, but it isn’t nice wood. Many reproduction mid-century pieces are made from low-quality plywood and covered with a faux wood finish to make everything look consistent, it’s not a […]

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Painted Vintage Sideboard Before and After

Painted vintage sideboard before and after

I found a very small sideboard a while ago that had good bones. Made from solid plywood and even had glass sliding doors. The base was solid so the first thing I thought of was, yes! I can attach legs to this. The plan was to take this frumpy sideboard and make it modern vintage. Painted vintage furniture should only be done on plywood or veneers that can’t be salvaged. If the piece is solid wood, consider trying to refinish it or get a professional to help. I’d never ever paint teak, walnut or any solid wood. Here’s the frumpy dumpy before: […]

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Vintage Chest of Drawers Before and After

Vintage dresser before and after

A friend found this small chest of drawers in an alley way and messaged me about it, when I saw the photos I immediately knew there was something beautiful under all the ugly contact paper it was covered in. Yes, it was covered in contact paper, you know, that sticky sheet paper people use to line shelves or drawers. Ew! The ugly faux wood pattern was making me blind, I couldn’t wait to remove it. They even went to the effort to cover the legs and cut around the handles. The most frightening part was that under all of that sticky nasty paper was real […]

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Before and After: Grey and Gold Painted Vintage Dresser


I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a painted dresser makeover, but the honest truth is that I haven’t had any projects! I’d be looking for one to work on every week with no luck, sure there were lots of very expensive dressers, solid teak cabinets etc, but my focus is to bring new life to vintage plywood dressers that I don’t feel guilty painting. Plus it just feels great to make something ugly beautiful again. Here’s what I recently got my hands on, it’s a simple 6 drawer plywood and particle board dresser, nothing fancy really, but […]

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How to Fix Rusted Metal with Gold Sharpie Pens

Fixing rusted furniture with gold Sharpie pen

After spending the past couple of years fixing up old furniture I’ve come across a lot of rusted metal, it’s fairly straight forward to fix larger areas of metal with spray paint or just replace it with new hardware, but sometimes there’s smaller areas like the feet on furniture legs or accent inlays of metal that are rusted and you can’t replace them because you can’t source the parts. I’m about to show you the easiest trick to make rusted metal look new again, anyone can do it! Get yourself a metallic Sharpie pen, in this case I used gold.

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Reupholstered Mid-Century Chairs

visualheart chair reuphosltery

Last month I shared with you that our reupholstered mid-century chairs are happening! After a few weeks they were reupholstered and today we brought them home. You have no idea how excited and nervous I was. I have been wanting to get these chairs done for years, I had even blogged about how I wanted them to look after endlessly looking for inspiration on Pinterest, you can read about that over here. I was so scared they wouldn’t look the way I had imagined in my mind, plus I have serious commitment issues, so picking a fabric took forever. Finally going a head with […]

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Before and After: Painted Vintage Sideboard

painted vintage mid century modern sideboard before and after

This past Summer Andrew and I found this awesome solid plywood vintage sideboard, credenza, mid century modern cabinet (whatever you want to call it). I finally took some photos of it to share here and can’t wait to finally sell it….or keep it… It weights a ton and if you could have seen how we got it home you would of had a good laugh, lets just say thank goodness we didn’t live too far from where we found it! Here’s the before photos of this vintage sideboard: Here’s some close ups of all the ugly laminate that was broken and […]

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Modern Brass Hardware

modern satin brass hardware pulls

If you’re following me on instagram you’ll know that I’m currently working on a new furniture makeover. It’s a vintage sideboard/cabinet with sliding glass doors and 3 drawers. Check out the before photo below. The dilemma with this piece was that I really wanted to change out the old brass hardware with something more clean-lined and modern. The round brass knobs set into the glass doors had to stay, so the new pulls on the drawers had to be brass. I can’t stand the look of shiny vintage brass, so I hunted online for satin brass hardware that’s been spotted […]

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Before and After: Vintage Laminate Dresser

painted dresser before and after

Check out this latest furniture makeover. The dresser was purchased for a steal at $20 and the drawers actually slide nicely and have rails, so they stay in place. So much potential! The laminate faux wood finish was in really rough shape, with chips and dents everywhere, but with the right paint and finishing process, it can be saved.

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Front Door Hardware Update

modern door hardware

A few weeks ago I blogged about updating our front door hardware. Well the hardware arrived and we finally got around to putting it on the door. It’s awesome and the best part is it’s almost impossible to lock myself out of the house now! This was the before, a mismatched set of industrial locks. The only difficult part of the installation was getting the square backplates to line up and be level, but after a few adjustments it looks great. I’ve already noticed a huge difference in terms of function. When I come home with bags of groceries, it’s […]

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Front Door Hardware

Modern front door hardware by Emtek from Bradford Hardware

We’ve lived in our apartment for almost 4 years and when we moved in we said we’d change the front door hardware, but never really got around to it until now. We did a mini front door makeover by painting the door and replacing the numbers for something more modern, you can check that out here. The door really became an issue for me a few years ago when I locked myself out of our apartment because the middle lock in the photo below was set in the lock position from the inside and I wasn’t aware of it. When […]

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