5 Cozy Rugs That Hide Dirt and Warm Your Feet

6 months ago we got rid of our thin printed cotton rug and started looking for rugs that were cozy yet practical. I guess you could say we were looking for an ‘adult’ rug. While our thin cotton rug was super stylish and easy to shake out because it was lightweight, it really didn’t make the room feel warm and cozy.

We have cold concrete floors and we wanted something to make our living space feel inviting, but we also wanted to make sure it was low maintenance, meaning the pattern was good at hiding dirt so we didn’t have to vacuum every day! (Are there people that vacuum everyday? Please say no….) We’re also not going to carry it outside to shake it out since we live in an apartment so it had to be ok to vacuum.

I had trouble finding what I wanted in stores, so I started looking online. I kind of knew what I was looking for because I had touched a lot of rugs in person and got really familiar with materials, low piles, high piles, wool, cotton and more. So at this point it was just a matter of finding the right colours and materials.

We settled on the Texa in Fog grey from Article because of its variation in medium color tones and pattern and it’s made from wool so that automatically means it’ll be cozy. You can read all about that rug over in this other post. Now that we’ve lived with the Texa rug for over 6 months I thought I’d follow it up with a post about 5 rugs that are cozy yet they hide all the dirt. All product links are listed below.

Tips for finding a rug that hides dirt:
• Has an all-over pattern
• Lots of texture and flecks
• Medium colour tones
• Not a solid color
• Avoid black
• Avoid white

5 cozy rugs that hide dirt

1. Texa from Article
2. Chroma Mosaic Medallion from Rugs USA
3. Tricot from Article
4. Scatter Grey from CB2
5. Virna Wool-Blend from Crate and Barrel

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