Nori Nut Sticks – Easy Healthy Food Processor Recipe

Nori Nut Snack recipe from

This nori nut stick is the perfect snack for those times when you’re craving something salty and savoury like chips but want wholesome nutrients instead. Unlike a bag of chips, you only need 1 or even half of one of these sticks to feel satisfied.

Nori nut snack recipe from

Note, I haven’t figured out an exact recipe so you’ll have to bare with me and experiment just like I did to get the right consistency. I’ve made them twice and realised you can’t really fail if you have a food processor and blend until everything comes together. Just make sure to ease up on the salt and maple syrup at first and taste the mixture as you go.

Unflavoured roasted nori sheets
Raw almonds
Raw sunflower seeds
Hemp hearts
Curry Powder
Sea Salt
Maple Syrup

(please note this is not a perfected recipe so you may need to make some adjustments, taste as you go!)

In a food processor blend 1 cup raw almonds, 1/2 cup raw sunflower seeds, 1/4 cup hemp hearts, blend until fine, slowly add in 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup and keep blending. If the consistency still doesn’t clump together when you grab it with your fingers, slowly drizzle in a few tablespoons of water, but not too much! Season liberally with curry powder and turmeric and finish with a few pinches of sea salt. Keep blending on high until it clumps together like cookie dough.

Take your full sheets of nori and cut them into 4 equal squares. Take one small square and roll out about 1 tablespoon of nut mixture the length of the square.

Here’s a few snaps from my instagram stories to give you a better idea of the steps.

Nori Nut Snack recipe from @visualheart

Roll them up as tight as possible, if the edge doesn’t stick, get a little bit of water on your finger and run it along the edge to glue it in place. Press them down gently, I find them stay rolled up better if you flatten them a bit.

Nori nut snack recipe from

Let your nori nut sticks sit on the counter to set up for a day, the longer they sit the dryer they get and the better the texture is when you bite into them.

I’d say they shouldn’t keep more than a week since nuts can go rancid, but you’ll find they disappear pretty quick anyway! Happy (healthy fat) snacking!

Nori nut snack recipe from


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