A Review of the Texa Rug from Article

Texa rug in fog gray from Article

Exciting news, I finally own my first adult rug! I got the Texa rug in fog gray from Article. I replaced our worn out cotton rug that I had purchased online several years ago, it was tired and I was ready for a change. Honestly, it was never really warm enough under our feet because we have concrete floors and it was thin canvas, sure I could have got an underpad, but those are so annoying when you want to vacuum.

The old rug had a bold pattern that was a big feature in the room, (see photo below) it kind of overwhelmed the space, so needless to say, I was looking to get rid of it to make the space calmer. That’s why I love the Texa rug.

Article Ceni Sofa

I’ve been minimalizing my life over the past couple of years, you can read more about that in this blog post, and the Texa rug really brings a sense of calm into the room, no more crazy patterns, it feels so clean.

The Texa is so cozy, while I love having concrete floors, in the winter they get super chilly so covering our living space with this luxurious handmade wool rug was the perfect decision.

Because we live in an open plan loft, it’s important to define each space with furniture or rugs. It’s also important to make sure the rug is the right size. I knew an 8×10 would be perfect because the rug I had before was that size, but it’s a good idea to measure your space, mark it out with tape if necessary. You need to ground all the furniture in your space, so the rug should at least go under the front legs of your sofa and your side chairs should ideally sit fully on the rug. We got the 8×10, but it’s also available in a 5×7. It fits perfectly under the front legs of our Ceni sofa and our 2 vintage chairs fit on it entirely. I can’t stop walking on it barefoot, it’s soooo soft.

Texa rug in fog gray from Article

The Texa is thick and very soft, I know I’ve said it’s soft already, but it really is, I may have rolled around on it as soon as I took it out of the package, seriously it feels amazing!

Here’s a shot of it with the corner flipped over so you can see the quality, the back is lined and the edges are finished so nicely. I really love the mix of warm and cool grays woven into it, I went with these colours because it should hide dirt well and be fairly low maintenance, plus it just works so well with our existing decor.

Texa rug in fog gray from ArticleTexa rug in fog gray from Article | Loft apartment visualheart.com

I’d say that the colour and texture are pretty much exactly what you’ll see on Article’s website, so you get what you see online. Of course, it will look different depending on if you have natural light or not. I shot the close-up of the rug above from a different angle to the shot below to show you how the texture can look different depending on light direction, I personally love that! Overall this rug is a beautiful neutral that can work in just about any room and the quality is amazing.

Texa rug in fog gray from Article.comTexa rug in fog gray from Article.com

Disclosure: Article provided this Texa rug in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Hey Nicole, thanks for posting your thoughts on your Article purchases. We’ve recently sold our log home in Squamish and virtually all of the furnishings and are relocating to Qualicum Beach this Friday. We’ll be doing a major, whole-house reno on a small rancher that we’ve purchased. We’re aiming for a mid- century vibe so Article was on our radar for both design and price point. I’m leaning heavily towards the Ceni sofa and chairs although we haven’t ruled out Structube or Joybird just yet. Just wondering how the sofa is holding up. has the fabric stretched out much? Same with the rug, curious to hear what you think of both after living with them for a while. – Boyd (BTW…I’m a fellow graphic designer and interior design junkie).

    1. Hi Boyd! Thanks for reading! My Ceni is awesome, the fabric hasn’t stretched at all and the shape of the cushions are holding up great. I did have an issue at first with the fabric pilling, but Article quickly sent me replacement covers with no hesitation. Since I put on the new covers it’s been great. I’m actually surprised how well it’s holding up for something so affordable. I was also looking at Joybird, they have a local dealer located at Fluff home staging, so you can see those in person too, but I was really picky about the colours, they just didn’t have the grey fabric colour I wanted and the arm heights didn’t feel right to me. You could also source some vintage pieces and get them reuphostered, I did that with 2 arm chairs. Best of luck with your decision!

      1. Funny you should say that about the arm height…my wife tried a couple of the Joybird pieces and had similar feedback! – Awaiting swatches from Article before we pull the trigger. 🙂

        1. Oh great so glad you’re getting swatches, that helped me make my decision pretty quick. They also have a pretty good return policy if you end up hating it in person, just keep your boxes, I think it’s up to 30 days? Might want to check the website. Just know that they have great customer service so if anything goes wrong, they’ll totally fix it.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I am really considering the Texa rug. Can you tell me if it sheds? How easy is it to vacuum?


    1. Hi Betty

      Yes it sheds, but not too much, any good quality wool rug will shed. It’s super easy to vacuum, but don’t use the brush feature on it, just keep it simple. It’s the most luxurious rug I’ve owned.

      1. Thanks for writing back Nicole! I have two young kids and a cat, and the rug will be in the living room where they are always playing and walking/jumping about. Based on your experience with the rug, do you think the shedding will be worsened by all the high traffic and activity? Thanks for your feedback, as I can’t see / feel this rug in person, getting an honest opinion from someone who owns it is invaluable.

        1. Hi Betty, I haven’t had the rug that long and don’t really use it in a high-traffic area so I can’t really speak from experience. What I do know is that it’s super soft under the feet and I feel like it would be super comfy to play on as a kid. Also the colour/pattern of this rug hides dirt so well. Sorry I can’t really speak to how much the shedding would increase based on traffic. Good luck with your decision!

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