Black, White and Copper Kitchen Inspiration

I don’t know about you guys, but I constantly get this urge to remove all colour from my home and stick with a black and white scheme. I think I’ve been spending too much time on Pinterest looking at minimalist interiors.

There’s just something so fresh about a clean white space with contrasting black accents and wood to warm it up. Then I always think about reality and how mostly every kitchen accessory we have is colourful, the fridge is green, the sofa is turquoise, our vintage chairs are colourful and so is every piece of art we have. I guess I can always dream about changing everything.

I’ve gathered some black, white and copper kitchen inspiration, because metallics are so hot right now, and yes it’s perfectly okay to mix metallic finishes, just don’t over do it.

Also, I’d die to have a full set of copper pots, someday right? (kitchen goals)

black white and copper kitchen inspiration

Hex Tile  /  Faucet  /  Sink  /  Mixer  /  Napkin  /  Light fixture  /  Copper Pot  /  Soap Pump  /  Dishes  /  Rug  /  Island  /  Scissors  /  Utensils

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