Weird and Wonderful Collections

I’m not even sure how this weird collection started, but it happened to coincide with the beginning of my relationship with Andrew. We kept putting bread tags into a jar and almost 7 years later the jar is pretty much full. I love the colours and I also love that the larger white ones have a heart shape in the middle.

What weird and wonderful things do you collect?

bread tag collection
bread tag collection

Here’s a few weird and wonderful collections that caught my eye. I notice a lot of collections are vintage and it makes me wonder what items people will be collecting from our era 100 or even 200 years from now.
vintage bell and iron collection
(source unknown via Pinterest)

pencil collection
(source unknown via Pinterest)

vintage hanger collection
(source unknown via Pinterest)

vintage brick collection
(source: admagazine

vintage rolling pin collection

ski collection
(source: The Novogratz)

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  1. The rolling pins would make me too nervous to comfortably eat or chat…although, I’m sure they’re perfectly secure.

    Personally, I’m not much of a collector. The closest thing would probably be books. I do have a strange affinity for lamps and chairs but I don’t really indulge.

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