Recipe Adventure: Beet Feta Tomato Salad

Beet Feta Tomato Salad

Winter is just around the corner and vegetables like beautiful ripe tomatoes are hard to find. I still think it’s important to find a way to eat salad, and that doesn’t mean lettuce and fancy dressing. Beets are a great option, they last a long time in your fridge, they’re easy to cook and really good for you. Plus they go really well with cheese, and I love cheese! I’ve combine them with chunks of feta cheese and some hot house tomatoes (we’re fortunate to have that option here in Vancouver, British Columbia). This make delicious quick and easy lunch.

Follow my instructions below and you’ll avoid the hassle and mess of prepping beets. It’s easier than you think!

Beet Feta Tomato Salad

1 bunch of beets
Handful of small tomatoes
1 small chunk of feta cheese
olive oil
black pepper

In a medium pot, bring water to a boil. Add whole beets and boil with lid halfway on, until they’re fork tender. Rinse beets under cold water and the skins will come right off. Cut beets into bite size pieces. Cut tomatoes into bite size pieces. Crumble feta into a bowl, add beets and tomatoes and drizzle everything with quality extra virgin olive oil. Add a pinch of black pepper and enjoy!Beet Feta Tomato Salad

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