Handmade Driftwood Lamp

Weekends are for relaxing and getting outside, we enjoy an occasional spontaneous trip to the beach to hunt for driftwood. Lately, Andrew has had a good eye for finding pieces suitable for lamps. This time he found a very organic piece that looks different from every angle. We found this one at the same beach I mentioned in my previous driftwood lamp post.

The addition of a vintage Edison light bulb really makes the piece. I love a good Edison bulb. The light bulb is only 40 watt, so it gives off a nice low warm glow, perfect to add ambiance to a living room or bedroom.

If you’re interested in purchasing this beauty, send me a message. Local buyers only. This will be an ongoing project so keep an eye out for future driftwood lamps.

Driftwood Lamp
DIY Driftwood Lamp

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