Vintage Mid Century Chairs

Our apartment is mostly filled with thrift store and craigslist finds. We love mid century pieces and lately we’ve been thinking a lot about a pair of vintage mid century chairs we’ve had for a while. One chair was found on craigslist and the other was found on the opposite side of town at a thrift store. It feels good to have them together as a pair, “reunited and it feels so good” but they’re in rough shape. The bones are perfect, everything functions great, they swivel and rock, plus the arms and legs are solid wood.

Andrew has since refinished the wood on the pink chair. It looks so beautiful, but it only highlights the fact that we really need to get them reupholstered. What you can’t see is the giant rip in the seat that’s currently covered by a blanket. Sadly it’s not in our budget, but a girl can dream!

Here’s what they currently look like:

The wood on the pink chair was sanded down and coated with several thin layers of danish oil. We wanted the wood grain to really shine through. It originally looked as dark and dull as the arms and legs on the chair below.

mid century vintage chair
mid century vintage chair

Hopefully someday when we have the budget, we’ll get them reupholstered in a modern textured fabric. I’m thinking a neutral grey that will give plenty of flexibility to display colourful patterned throw pillows.

Here’s some inspiration I’ve been gathering on pinterest of mid century modern chairs in grey, I guess you could called it “chairspiration”

mid century modern chairs


  1. I just stumbled across your blog looking for ‘chairspiration’ for my recently found mid century chair. I have the mustard one and funny enough I’m not far from Vancouver either. Looking forward to an update if you decide to reupholster them.
    I like your style, I’ll pin this

  2. Beautiful, aren’t they? I’ve recently acquired a similar chair! Does yours rock band and forth as well? Also, I’m so curious if you know the designer? Would you happen to have an idea?

      1. Hmm, never bothered to check if mine swivels. I’ll have it a go when I go back to storage!

        I did some digging around and found nothing. My friend, however, was able to track them down rather quickly. It’s by a Canadian furniture co. called Bogdon & Gross based in Walkerton, ON. Yours is from 1968 according to an image they’ve posted on their FB page.

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