Medicine Cabinet Mini Makeover

When we got our place about 2 years ago we installed 2 medicine cabinets, one was new and the other was upcycled from an old Ikea cabinet that was left in the apartment by the previous home owners. We had the renovation crew cut a whole to fit the cabinet in the wall and put the cabinet in place. A door was cut from MDF and ever since then it was left that way. I never got around to updating it and finishing it until recently.

Check out the big hole in the wall during construction and the way it took shape after that.

I primed the cabinet door as well as the interior. I still have leftover paint from my furniture projects, so I used Benjamin Moore Tropicana Cabana. Their Advance line is great for this type of painting, because it’s a durable surface that’s glossy and easy to clean.

I got some glass shelves cut for the cabinet, you can usually get small shelves like this cut fairly cheap because they’re small enough to be cut from an off-cut the glass shop may have laying around.

Once the paint was dry and fully cured, I installed the shelves and started organizing. I wanted it to look pretty but still functional and practical. Since we have 2 medicine cabinets in our place there’s not that much that needs to go in this one so I had a little bit of fun keeping it simple and decanting things into small glass containers. I find small mason jars and little jars from the thrift store are great for this.

The final result is so pretty, I love seeing the fresh blue every time I open the door. It’s funny how little things like this really make a difference.


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