Vintage Jewellery Designs

It all started about 5 years ago, when I was shopping with Andrew at a local antique fair here in Vancouver. He spotted an old watch with a face shaped like a heart, he bought it for me and I turned it into a necklace and wore it almost everyday. I’d constantly get people asking me where it was from and where they could get one. So, after several years of thinking about creating vintage jewellery designs, I’ve finally been able to source a few vintage watches and have made a handful of jewellery designs. Each piece is unique and shows it’s beauty in it’s age. The old silver and gold faces look great with antique chains, they really tell a story.

I have also designed my own packaging using recycled kraft paper, I hand cut and fold each package and use boxes from a local craft shop.

Shop online or contact me directly if you’re local and want to avoid shipping fees.

one of a kind vintage jewellery by

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