Downstairs Bathroom Renovation Update

I thought it was time to take a few new photos of our bathrooms. This post will just be about the downstairs bathroom renovation, look out for a post about the upstairs bathroom soon!

Even though ourĀ renovation was over a year ago, things are still not perfect, but the renovation is done and it’s generally pretty, I just keep fussing over accessories (although I’ll like fuss about that stuff my whole life haha). Also, the fact that I REALLY want to replace the light fixture. We put in a cheap Ikea fixture as soon as the reno was done, it was meant to be replaced eventually, but I just haven’t found the right fixture for the space. Check out the transformation below, it’s pretty awesome too look back on it, I can’t believe the walls used to be mustard yellow and the floors were blue! Also, the closet is the major change for us, sliding doors and shelves inside!

Oh and if you missed the previous posts about this bathroom check them out here and here.

small bathroom renovation


  1. Lovely update! Thank you for sharing. I adore your new floors/tub/vanity and I love that print that you have framed above your towel-bar. Where did you find it?

    1. hi Samantha
      Thanks so much. The print is from Ikea, I went on a print shopping spree because they had a massive sale a while back. Unfortunately it looks like they no longer have it in stock šŸ™

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