Ceiling Fan

We’ve been living in our loft for about 7 months now, I can’t believe how time flies! We only have a few things left on our list for renovation/fixing up:

Replace ceiling fan
Install a pendant light fixture in the entrance
Replace all switches and plugs
Refinish the upstairs railings
Storage for the bedroom
Storage for the living room
Make a bathtub bench/tray

This past weekend we got our hands on a very tall ladder and Andrew climbed up 18ft in the air to replace the nasty 80s ceiling fan that was half falling down and very noisy. This fan may look half decent in the photos, but what I didn’t photograph was the nasty gold trim, dirt, dents and overall sketchiness.

We’ve discovered that it’s very necessary to have a fan in a loft space. We have a gas fire place and the heat from it rises straight up making the bedroom area really warm, we need the fan to push the warm air back down.

ceiling fan

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